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Thread: Christina Aguilera: post-pregnancy interview

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    Default Christina Aguilera: post-pregnancy interview

    Christina Aguilera sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about her new baby boy, Max Bratman, almost 1 month.

    On how happy Max makes her: “I’m enjoying him every second. I can’t stop staring at him, studying him. You can’t believe you created this. Me and my husband couldn’t be happier.”

    On Max not comparing to anything she’s done before: “You think you’ve accomplished all these amazing things until you have your first born or even your second born and it’s like, ‘You can’t believe what you’ve done, what you’re capable of doing.’ “I have to say throughout the pregnancy I was never more appreciative of what the female body is capable of doing until the whole thing happens and you’re like, ‘Oh my God I did this.’”

    On involving a creative balance in her future career: “‘How am I going to balance my love for creativity and performing with the ultimate of importance in my life — my child?’ It can be done — there are many mothers who are able to do it and do it well.”

    Check out the video interview at

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    I like her. I think she's pretty level headed.

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    I like her too....minus the hair and lipstick

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    Well, she may be ugly, but I have confidence that she'll be a good mother. Hopefully people (Hollywood, you too) will see her as a parental example, if she is indeed a good parent.

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