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Thread: Duchess of York revisits her fashion past with tacky patterned tights

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    Default Duchess of York revisits her fashion past with tacky patterned tights

    Sarah Ferguson turned back the clock as she revisited her eighties fashion past in London last night.

    The Duchess of York, 48, flashed her legs in daring black opaque patterned tights with a rose motif. Scroll down for more...
    Feeling rosy: Sarah Ferguson heads home after the Chain of Hope ball in London's Dorchester Hotel last night

    The Weight Watchers spokesmodel's tights appeared to be a throw-back to her eighties heyday.
    The Duchess and fellow royal Princess Diana inspired millions with their flamboyant fashion sense.
    Legs eleven: Fergie takes her look back to the eighties

    In a bid to fit in with the Valentine's Day theme at the Chain of Hope annual ball last night, Ferguson opted for the romantic combination of rosy tights and a plush velvet coat.

    The mother-of-two joined Lesley Garrett, Konnie Huq, Gloria Hunniford and Stephen Tompkinson at the star-studded event at the Dorchester Hotel in London.
    Other attendees included television personality Vanessa Feltz, actor Steven Berkoff, Cherie Lunghi and Naomie Harris.
    While most of the female celebrities opted for full-length glamorous gowns at the ball, Fergie looked decidedly dressed down with her black skirt and shirt combination.
    And the duchess was all smiles as she mingled with other celebrities at the function.
    Guests at the Chain of Hope ball paid £350 for a ticket, which included a champagne reception and three-course dinner followed by a charity auction and entertainment.
    But one of the side attractions was definitely the Fergie's attire.
    Her public appearance came a week after a fire damaged her bathroom at her Surrey home in Englefield Green.
    The duchess is facing a clean-up bill of £20,000 after she left a candle unattended in a downstairs lavatory in Dolphin House.
    Those were the days: The Duchess was renowned for her elegant fashion taste in the 1980s

    Back to the eighties: Fergie revisits her fashion past with racy patterned tights | the Daily Mail

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    i really like her a lot, but fashion sense has eluded her
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    I like Fergs - can't help it. I do think she has bats in the belfry, tho.
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    "Elegant fashion taste in the 1980s"? That was elegant? I must have blocked out lots of my memories from the '80s
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    While hardly a fashion icon today, she's come a long way from the '80s with some of those getups.

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    Maybe its a tattoo. She's pretty bad-ass...

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