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Thread: Spice Girls try to convince fans they're still friends

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    Default Spice Girls try to convince fans they're still friends

    The Spice Girls have put on their raunchiest show ever in a bid to convince fans they are as close as ever.

    On Friday, the reunited five-piece disapointed fans in Australia, China, South Africa and Argentina when they u-turned on a previous promise to perform in the countries.
    In a new video, the group have apologised for cancelling their world tour.
    “We have children,” Victoria Beckham said.
    “Kids need to go back to school and we've always said that our families are our priorities so we want to thank all of our fans.
    "Sorry we haven't got to see everybody. We had a great time.”
    Following the announcement, the Spice Girls returned to Canada for a two-night stint at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, where they performed their raunchy display. Scroll down for more pictures and to watch the girls apologise to fans...
    Copping a feel: Melanie Brown gropes her bandmate Victoria Beckham's silicone-enhanced breasts on stage in Toronto

    S&M style: The group squeeze into raunchy PVC outfits

    In a bid to quell rumours the group had fallen out with each other, they went to extreme lengths to show their closeness on stage in Toronto last night.
    Scary Spice Melanie Brown roused the audience when she groped Victoria's surgically-enhanced breasts.
    Despite four of the five girls being mothers, they showed they could still be as sexy as ever when they strutted on stage in tight PVC outfits.
    The five-piece smouldered as they sauntered around on stage leading hunky male dancers around on chains.
    Keeping to her schoolgirl style, Baby Spice Emma Bunton wore a laced-up PVC mini-dress, while Sporty Spice Melanie Chisholm showed her raunchy side in a full-length leather catsuit. Scroll down for more...
    Making a glamorous arrival: Victoria (and son Cruz) at Toronto International Airport. Posh recently said: 'Our families are our priorities' as to why the group cancelled the remaining part of their world tour

    Emma Bunton (left) and Geri Halliwell (right) arrive with their children, Beau and Bluebell Madonna respectively

    Lady in black, Mel C smiles for the camera, while Mel B has her hands full with baby Angel Iris

    Since the end of tour announcement, reports have suggested the bandmembers were struggling to agree on tour and the group tension was the real reason behind the shortened tour.
    Mel B was said to be missing her new husband Stephen Belafonte and two children Phoenix Chi and Angel Iris and is hoping to capitilise on her rejuvenated fame Stateside following her appearance on Dancing with the Stars last year.
    Melanie C, who was always the most relunctant to take part in a Spice Girls reunion, is also reported to have had enough of the tour.
    Beckham has blamed herself for the split, claiming "I'm not in the music industry any more. I'm in the fashion industry". Sources claim Beckham angered her bandmates when she suggested they all get matching tattoos to mark their comeback.

    Posh had booked hubby David's regular tattooist Louis Molloy on 24 January at the Middleton Studio for all five to have their "bonding" etchings.

    But only Vic turned up, and was livid at the other girls for not showing up.

    The ensuing blow-out resulted in the girls having an unholy row about controlling attitudes, which was the beginning of the end for the tour.

    A source said: "Victoria was very excited about the girls getting their tattoos, and thought it was an excellent gesture to bond them together.

    "She had booked David's tattooist, and initially, all the girls were excited about it." Scroll down for more...
    Not so sweet anymore: Baby Spice shows her wild side

    All white on the night: Geri looks thrilled with her male dancer companion


    Spice Girls put on raunchiest show ever to convince fans they're still friends...and say sorry on new video | the Daily Mail

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    That guy with the dog chain should be ashamed of himself.
    Jack I swear.

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    They are about as raunchy as a Smurf!
    vaya con dios

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    why have they pixillated posh's kid in that 3rd pic? We all know what her offspring look like now!

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    Mel B's bod looks so great in that first pic. Look at her legs...great!
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