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Thread: Cameron Diaz gets served at a dance-off; screws some guy

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    Wink Cameron Diaz gets served at a dance-off; screws some guy

    Cameron Diaz competed in a dance-off at a New York club over the weekend.

    The 'In Her Shoes' star - who famously showed off her dance moves in 'Charlie's Angels' - was in New York's Socialista nightclub when she was challenged to a dance competition.

    A fellow reveller told the New York Post newspaper: "There was this cute partygoer who challenged Cameron to a dance-off. She turned him down at first but once she got into it, the whole place was hysterical!

    "She gave him her number afterwards - she definitely looked very single."

    Cameron, 35, is rumoured to be dating 32-year-old 'Felicity' star Scott Speedman, after the pair were seen "smooching" on a beach in the Bahamas last month.

    An onlooker said: "Scott has a house down there, and they were frolicking on the beach. They were definitely smooching."

    Cameron has been single since splitting from 'SexyBack' singer Justin Timberlake in January last year.

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    That is cute.

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    Good to know she isn't so up herself that she can't just have some good fun with the plebs.
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    I always thought that she looked like a fun girl.
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