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Thread: Madonna and Guy Ritchie 'plan to renew wedding vows'

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    Default Madonna and Guy Ritchie 'plan to renew wedding vows'

    Madonna and Guy Ritchie have been making plans to renew their wedding vows, according to a report.

    The couple have decided that a summer ceremony will be the perfect way to put an end to rumours that their marriage is on the rocks.

    "Renewing their vows is the one way Guy and Madonna can show the world they are strong," a source told the News of the World. "They've worked hard to iron out their differences to get through the tough times.

    "It's going to be a very emotional day and that's why they want the people who are closest to them to share it with them."

    The newspaper claims that only close family and friends will be invited to the service, which is expected to take place at the couple's home in Wiltshire.

    Showbiz - News - Madonna, Guy 'plan to renew wedding vows' - Digital Spy

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    After only a few years? I can see maybe on your 50th anniversary but this smacks of desperation.
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    Those rumors their marriage is on the rocks came from Guy's father, as I recall.
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    They just did this a few years ago!
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    How utterly tacky

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    If the rumours aren't true, Vadge, then just ignore them and live your damn life.

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    Well, her rep denied it in 2005, ( - No Renewed Marriage Vows For Madonna & Guy (#35681)) but I reckon Guy will just do what Madge tells him to until he gets sick of being Mr Madonna or she gets sick of him...
    Do they only normally renew vows after an affair or something?
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    I figured she'd want to do something more Madge-centric to show off her all new plastic great and young she looks for almost 50!!

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