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Thread: John Favreau refuses to find ladies shoes to match Vince Vaughns eyebags

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    Talking John Favreau refuses to find ladies shoes to match Vince Vaughns eyebags

    (KP International) Jon Favreau recently explained why he thinks his pal Vince Vaughn hasn't got hitched yet.

    "He doesn't need me to fix him up," Favreau told Parade magazine. "He finds great women, maybe too many of them, and that could be part of the problem. I don't know that Vince is cut out to be a dad, certainly not now. He's got too much going on. His career is like having a wife and family. When you get a shot and expand it into a decade of success, you've got to concentrate on that."

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    Vince Vaughn does your mom, the new reality show..
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    Vince does anyone with a hole and a pulse sounds about right.

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