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Thread: Amy Redford debuts at Sundance

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    Default Amy Redford debuts at Sundance

    Amy Redford who present her directorial debut at her father’s Sundance Film Festival

    The woman pictured with Redford is his first wife, whom he was married to from 1958 to 1985. Lola Van Wagenen. Bob and Lola’s first child, Scott, died a few months after his birth. He now rests in Sundance, in a spot dedicated to his memory
    Oldest daughter Shauna is on the far right in the pic, also pictured daughter Amy e son Jamie

    A year after daughter Shauna was born. Now a talented painter, Shauna's first boyfriend was killed under her own eyes. They were both attending University of Boulder, Co. when another student, former best friend of Ms Redford's boyfriend, killed him. A few months later a distraught and depressed Shauna fell with her car into a lake near her father's Sundance property. Her life was then in danger and it was feared she wouldn't walk anymore. Today things are happier for Shauna Redford; she married writer and university professor Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation and they have two children ,a boy and a girl called Mica
    James Redford , pictured Jamie and his wife Kyle and a friend. Jamie,his wife and daughter Lena and son Dylan on daddy’s back

    The second kid of the Redford had his share of struggles as well. After different hospital stays, James -Jamie- Redford was diagnosed at 15 with ulcerative colitis. His condition worsened and he was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitus in 1987; a rare complication that blocks the liver's bile ducts. Only 25, he was told his liver would fail in five to ten years. By 1993, his condition had deteriorated so dramatically that he had to live at the University of Nebraska Medical Center battling excruciating pain and dangerous infections while hoping for a new liver. Things got better for Jamie as he survived two liver transplants and he is now in good health, married to his high school sweetheart, Kyle, a primary school teacher and they have two kids, Lena, a girl, and Dylan, a boy. Jamie has founded JRI-- The James Redford Institute for transplant Awareness, dedicated to help the people who wait for transplants and share their stories- He has also produced and written different movies on the subject, most notably 'Spin' and 'The Kindness of Strangers'
    James and his wife attend ‘the kindness of strangers’ premiere

    And finally, Amy. Amy is the only one who decided to follow paternal footsteps working as an actress both for movies and theatres. She is now featuring her directorial debut at Sundance with ‘The Guitar’ the moving story of a woman who discovers herself as her life is approaching to an end. Amy, has been briefly married and divorced in 2004

    Amy also acts in another movie at Sundance this year ‘Sunshine Clearing’
    After the divorce from Lola, Bob had a brief affair with Sonia Braga, star of his ‘The Milagro Beanfield War’ and with costume designer Kathy O’Rear. Since 1996 Bob is in a steady relationship with a famed german painter Sybille Szaggars, whom he calls Billie. They share their time together between their Sundance home and NYC Apartment

    A few pics of the Redfords. Bob and granddaughter Lena

    redford and his new companion Billie

    The Redfords and their kids in the 70s

    The Redford family today

    Source :ohnotheydidnt: Amy Redford debuts at Sundance

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    Thanks for posting on old wrinkly face Redford!
    (although photos of WireImage and Getty Images are not
    allowed here for copyright reasons, I believe)

    The Redford clan sure had its share of tragedy!
    I'm glad James is doing so well today. The grandkids
    look nice and proud of their multitalented gramps.
    Too bad Bob hacked up his face so that he's hardly
    recognizable as his old self anymore. The hair coloring
    isn't helping much, either. You can see James has
    inherited Bob's rapidly aging skin type.
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    ***** celeb

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    "Lola van Wagenen" - what a truly awesome name. I think I may have to start using that as my alias.

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    gawd i used to have the HOTS for Robert Redford -- he did not age pretty at all.
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    Glad he sent his handsome and brilliant genes on...

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    I saw a great, great interview with him recently---wow, is he a lovely man or what. He was smart, funny, kind, and gracious. I've never really heard of his daughter, but it wouldn't surprise me if she were like her father.

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