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Thread: Police investigate man outside Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony's Bel-Air mansion

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    Default Police investigate man outside Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony's Bel-Air mansion

    Police were called to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s Bel-Air home on Monday night.
    A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department says officers responded to a call on Monday at the couple’s home.
    According to police, there was a “suspicious individual” outside of the home
    When they arrived, police questioned a paparazzo staked outside of the couple’s home, who witnessed the antics.
    The paparazzi reports a disheveled man, wearing a “Star Wars” t-shirt and carrying a stack of CDs, peeked inside J.Lo and Marc’s mailbox and then rang the doorbell and left a package on the doorstep.
    Police determined there was no threat and the individual was not arrested or taken into custody.
    Police Investigate Man Outside Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony Bel-Air Mansion
    President Barack Obama
    Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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    its bad enough the paps sit outside of their home, but now all of the other freak-types are there too? gawd.
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    Maybe it was J-Lo's real baby-daddy laying claim on his spawn.

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    Perhaps it was Puffy in disguise? Or Skeletor's make up people. They have to keep him looking 'freshly dead" you know.

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    The real daddy was checking on his incubator.

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