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Thread: Janice Dickinson: 'My life of sex, drugs and plastic surgery'

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    Default Janice Dickinson: 'My life of sex, drugs and plastic surgery'

    Jungle diva Janice Dickinson has revealed new details of her hedonistic Hollywood life of sex, drug fuelled parties and addiction to plastic surgery.

    Her outbursts made her compulsive viewing on I'm A Celebrity... and the self-proclaimed "world's first supermodel" has continued to make headlines since leaving the show with increasingly outlandish revelations.

    In her latest interview, the 52-year-old, who has admitted to sleeping with more than 1,000 men, says: "I was the wildest model ever. Famous people wanted to sleep with me."
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    Diva: Janice Dickinson loves to boast of her hedonistic lifestyle

    Janice, who regularly boasts of her affairs with stars including Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty and Mick Jagger, now claims she had a threesome with singer Grace Jones and actor Dolph Lundgren.

    She says: "People ask me what it was like... but I don't remember. We were all so high."

    Of yet other famous conquest Sylvester Stallone, she says: "Sly was a great lover. He once dressed up as an army officer for sex – and he shot his gun off in the back yard a lot. He was weird."
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    Hollywood romance: Janice dated Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone

    The model has also revealed details of her days at New York's ultimate nightclub Studio 54.

    "The people there were incredible, from Bianca Jagger to Robert De Niro It was a different era back then, pre-Aids. Everybody dated everybody."

    She said: "People were walking around with coke spoons at parties. I tried everything. I was high-speed Janice. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol."
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    Model behaviour: Janice describes herself as the 'world's first supermodel'

    "We were all f***** up and fabulous – and the drugs were better."

    Janice readily admits she has gone under the knife – she has had a breast enlargement, tummy tuck, neck and facelifts, liposuction and Botox.

    Jer 20-year-old son Nathan is desperate for her to stop, but she says: "I won't do any more plastic surgery – if he's looking."
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    Diva: Janice captivated viewers with her outrageous outbursts

    While Janice is not impressed by Victoria Beckham - "she does nothing for me" – she is a fan of fellow British export Simon Cowell.

    Janice, who produces Living TV's Britain's Next Top Model, told The Sun: "I'm the female Simon Cowell. He said I'm the scariest woman he's ever met.

    "I asked him why he never dated me and he said I was too intimidating.

    "I'd like to do a show with Simon but he told me I intimidate him. I'm probably the biggest reality television star living."

    Janice now says she has curbed many of her wild antics - she has been dating musician Joe Kaplan for almost a year and insists she steers clear of drugs.
    Still, she concludes: "I pity anyone who doesn't have as much fun as I did. I don't regret anything."

    Janice Dickinson: 'My life of sex, drugs and plastic surgery' | the Daily Mail

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    Dead yet? Somehow?

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    now claims she had a threesome with singer Grace Jones and actor Dolph Lundgren.

    Like that's something to boast about.
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    I have no idea why but I like her. She's so obnoxious that she's fab.

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    i try SO hard to not like her. but i cant help myself.
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    aaaawl :-( u mad boopie?


    that pool pic is so cu ute
    & not a single fuck was given...

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    They look just alike!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post

    "I'm probably the biggest reality television star living."

    Yeah, you're also probably the biggest, skankiest, most annoying piece of SHIT living.

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