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Thread: Shanghai Hilton: Fashionista Paris Hilton creates a stir in China

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    Default Shanghai Hilton: Fashionista Paris Hilton creates a stir in China

    Socialite, singer, reality TV star ... now Paris Hilton can officially add style guru to her list of "talents" as the guest of honour at a special fashion gala.

    The American hotel heiress caused quite a stir as she strutted down the streets of Shanghai, much to the delight of the crowds in the Chinese city.
    However, instead of staying at the Shanghai Hilton, it is reported that she opted to check into the newly opened Hyatt on the Bund.
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    New best friend: Paris meets her fans in Shanghai as hundreds flock to catch a glimpse of the star

    Souvenir: Paris clutched onto a cuddly panda

    The star of reality TV show The Simple Life has made much of her post-jail fame, following a spell behind bars for violating the terms of her probabation for drink driving.
    Hilton, 26, is in Shanghai to attend the MTV Style Gala where she is the guest of honour at the celebrity-packed event.
    As usual the starlet was followed by a media frenzy which tracks her every move across the globe as she promotes the latest product in the Paris brand
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    Ta-da! Paris emerges in a dress by Chinese designer Lu Kun

    Traditional: The socialite tries on a Shanghai style dress by Chinese designer Lu Kun (pictured) during her four day visit to the city

    The fashionista has been doing a spot of shopping and meeting fans as she spends four days in China.
    She visited traditional clothing shops, wandered around carrying a cuddly toy panda and even tucked into some local specialities at a top restaurant
    Hilton will also be presenting awards at the MTV Asian music awards.
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    Shanghai Hilton: The hotel heiress browses the rails in a small shop in Yu Garden

    Nice buns: Paris tucks into Xiaologbao, juicy steamed buns that are a Shanghai speciality, but she seems to be missing some friends

    Shanghai Hilton: Fashionista Paris creates a stir in China like a true style queen | the Daily Mail

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    She's a Hilton staying at the Hyatt?
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    Racist Skank!

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    I never thought I'd say this phrase, but I really like the leopard print dress.

    The sheer one looks like poop, though. Possibly the least flattering thing she could wear.
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    She looks like an alien. I can't stand that weird-ass head of hers.

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