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Thread: Britney Spears' plastic surgery addiction

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    Default Britney Spears' plastic surgery addiction

    Fresh off of a bout of liposuction, Britney Spears has sparked rumors of an addiction to plastic surgery. The pop star met with doctors Camden Aesthetic Associates in Beverly Hills on Oct. 18. The twenty-six year old pleaded with docs to perform surgery on her nose and to enlarge her breasts-a request the doctor promptly declined.
    “She’s a high-risk patient,” a Life & Style Magazine insider reports. “He didn’t want to clear her for surgery because he didn’t think he could trust what she’d put on her medical history.” In the end, the doctor referred Britney to another specialist who plumped Britney’s lips with collagen, then sent the singer on her way, telling her to take more time to consider the other procedures. “It was a stall tactic,” the insider says. “They just wanted her out of the office.”
    “Britney’s already consulted with at least three surgeons about new breast implants, a nose job, liposuction on her chin and Botox for her face,” says a friend. “She sees no reason to stop.” Indeed, “she constantly talks about getting work done,” the friend notes.
    Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Addiction; Britney Spears Addicted To Cosmetic Surgery

    of all the things to work on, her physical appearance should be the last thing on her list.
    President Barack Obama
    Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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    wow...a nose job? why?? she just needs to exercise and take care of those crappy extensions if she's so worried about her appearance.

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    What isn't Britney addicted to?
    Oh yea... hygiene and class in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerous View Post
    she just needs to exercise and take care of those crappy extensions if she's so worried about her appearance.
    Exactly my freaking point! By looking at her you wouldn't be able to tell that she cares about her looks AT ALL!

    If they refuse to give you ps, start by dressing nicely and by getting a nice haircut. Gee.

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    Britney Spears is addicted to cosmetic surgery. And the sun rose this morning.

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    She's got issues. She's clearly extremely insecure. She can't take care of her outwardly appearance until she starts taking care of her inner self. She's erratic, impulsive and doesn't have custody of her children. She really needs to go away to a 'resort' where she can seek help for whatever mental/emotional issues she has. I think the problem is she doesn't believe she has any issues. She's a laughing stock, but she believes she is grandiose. She really should have been committed to a mental health facility when she shaved her hair off and got those tattoos.

    To be honest, I don't think her body is hideous or that it even needs plastic surgery. If she cut back the junk and did some work outs she'd start looking very toned and much healthier.

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