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Thread: The Spice Girls Documentary

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    Default The Spice Girls Documentary

    This is major!

    The Spice Girls just announced that they have a documentary in the works called In Spice Girls: Giving You Everything.

    “While the band prepare for “The Return Of The Spice Girls” world tour, a film crew is working with the girls to create a documentary that will be screened on BBC One in the UK. In Spice Girls: Giving You Everything, the girls will tell their own story for the first time, covering the history of the band from the very beginning to the present day. Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria will share their thoughts and personal memories about being part of the biggest girl group in pop history.”

    As if that’s enough enough, Mel B just blogged a bit about their “Headlines” music video:

    “Alright you lot,

    Wow, what a busy few days I’ve had… it’s been mental but brilliant at the same time. As you know, I flew to the UK with Victoria last week so that we could hook up with the other girls to shoot the video for our new single “Headlines (Friendship Never Ends).” It was a really, really long day but I think that’s because we all sat around drinking tea and gossiping like a bunch of old women! We had such a laugh. It was great to be together again and I think the video is going to look fan-bloody-tastic. I can’t wait to see it finished and on TV.

    Hopefully you will have heard the single by now as it was played on radio on Tuesday morning. We are really pleased with it and hope that you will love it as much as we do. I can’t wait to perform it for the first time with the rest of the girls.

    I’m back in LA now as I’m Dancing With The Stars. I was so pleased with the judges’ comments this week. I was really nervous about the performance as I had such little time to practice but I think the other girls brought me luck. I really enjoyed dancing to “Spice Up Your Life.” My dancing partner Maks was with me in the UK so that we could practice our routine in-between takes of the video. Although I think the other girls scared him a bit – but that’s what Girl Power is all about.

    I’m so excited about the tour and soon we will all be together in LA so we can really get stuck in to rehearsals. It is going to be such an AMAAAAAAZING show, so I hope you’ve all got your tickets!

    See you all soon

    Melanie B“

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