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Thread: Heather Mills goes househunting in Paul McCartney's street

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    Default Heather Mills goes househunting in Paul McCartney's street

    By changing the locks on his former marital home, Sir Paul McCartney made it abundantly clear he wanted his estranged wife Heather Mills to keep her distance.

    But it seems she's finding it hard to stay away.

    Miss Mills, from whom the the 65-year-old Beatle split last May after four years of marriage, appeared to be househunting in the same street where Sir Paul's London mansion is located. Scroll down for more...

    Close to home: The street where Sir Paul McCartney has a mansion - and where Heather went househunting

    The 39-year-old animal rights campaigner has had a second viewing on a 16million, four-bedroom house situated less than 50 yards from the couple's one-time family home. Last night a spokesman for the activist insisted, however, that Miss Mills was not househunting for herself - but 'on behalf of a third party'.
    Second viewing: Miss Mills arrives with the estate agent

    Casually dressed in jeans and a blue cardigan and sporting a pair of
    designer sunglasses, a toned and tanned Miss Mills toured the property accompanied by a male estate agent.
    The Regency-style, white-pillared detached house has a driveway with electronic gates and is monitored by 24-hour CCTV security cameras.
    It has a rear garden, with a fifth-ofan-acre landscaped lawn accessed via a small courtyard.
    An unconverted basement is billed by estate agents as the ideal space for a gym.
    Despite a hugely acrimonious initial split, Miss Mills and Sir Paul are believed to be on better terms.
    "There is very little tension between Heather and Paul right now.
    "They are friendlier than they've been for some time," said a source close to Miss Mills.
    Once a final divorce settlement is negotiated, she is reportedly due to receive 70million of Sir Paul's 825million fortune, broken down into a lump sum of 15million followed by another 3.5million a year until their daughter Beatrice's 18th birthday.

    She is three at the moment.
    Last year, in the midst of their separation, Sir Paul changed the locks on his home without telling Miss Mills, leaving her stranded outside his gates.
    During this time he also allegedly froze their joint bank account, leaving her unable to withdraw any cash. Scroll down for more...

    Happier times: Sir Paul and Heather MIlls together as husband and wife

    Last night, Miss Mills's spokesman Phil Hall confirmed his client looked around the house but played down the significance.
    He said: "Heather is not looking to buy a house in the same road as Paul. "She was there on behalf of a third party but it is private and she is not prepared to discuss it."

    Heather Mills goes househunting in McCartney's street | the Daily Mail=

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    This is such a crock. They were on vacation together with their daughter not that long ago. Why wouldn't she look for a house nearby so that they can continue to share custody of their daughter? Another non-story based on old "news" and innuendo. Just because she doesn't have the keys to his house -- and we don't even know that -- doesn't mean they aren't on civil terms.

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