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Thread: Norman Reedus & Helena Christensen's Son Mingus Arrested for Assault

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    Default Norman Reedus & Helena Christensen's Son Mingus Arrested for Assault

    Norman Reedus & Helena Christensen's Son Mingus Arrested for Assault

    Norman Reedus and Helena Christensen‘s son Mingus has been arrested.
    Mingus, 21, was arrested on Friday night (September 24) in New York City for assaulting a woman.
    An unidentified 24-year-old woman told local law enforcement that she had a verbal confrontation with an unknown man, later revealed to be Mingus, when he punched her in the face, according to the New York City Police Department, via the New York Post.

    The victim sustained an injury below her left eye and was transported to the hospital. She is in stable condition.

    According to police, Mingus was arrested and charged with assault after the incident.

    Mingus then spoke with The New York Daily News about the incident, alleging that the victim and her friends came after him and his group of friends while they were at the San Gennara festival in NYC’s Little Italy district.

    According to Mingus, he “threw his arm out” to protect himself from the woman and accidentally hit her.
    “It was instinct,” Mingus said. “I was reacting to them swarming me and was afraid for the safety of my group.”
    “We didn’t think anything of it, but these five girls followed us for two blocks, throwing food at us and yelling,” he continued. We told them to leave us alone, but they kept following, threatening to hurt my girlfriend and her friend.”

    “These girls swarmed me,” Mingus alleged, “one pulling my hair from the back, another throwing water in my face.”
    Mingus then recalled throwing his arms out to defend himself when he hit one of the women.

    “Ten seconds later the police got involved,” Mingus said. “Police saw one of the girls hurt and refused to listen to the context. My intention for that day was to mind my own business and play fair games.”

    Mingus is expected in court in the next upcoming weeks.

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    Can we call this the Mingus fracus?

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    “But officer, she hit my fist with her face.” Mingus may be a real Dingus.
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    What a tool. Mingus Dingleberry.

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    Why would some girls swarm him? It's not that he is famous or good looking...
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    I know i've been sick and thus, probably not thinking clearly, but i read this several times as Norman and Mingus were both arrested for assault of this woman and couldn't imagine what would have led to such debauchery!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lofty Bike View Post
    Why would some girls swarm him? It's not that he is famous or good looking...
    I think he was saying that after the argument with the girls they all gathered together to confront/assault him or something. Clearly they weren’t swarming him because of his looks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    The jokes just write themselves!
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    So,... wait. The kid's name is Mingus Reedus?

    They named him after a sexually transmitted disease?
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