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Thread: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Neil Patrick Harris Back on 'Matrix 4' Set

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    Default Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Neil Patrick Harris Back on 'Matrix 4' Set

    Neo, Trinity and whoever the hell Neil Patrick Harris is playing are plugging back into the "real world" for the 'Matrix 4' -- 'cause they're back on set, and cameras are rolling again.

    Leading man Keanu Reeves along with his costar and on-screen lover, Carrie-Anne Moss, were both spotted in Berlin this week and presumably heading to their trailers, as they looked ready to get back into character and start filming, after several months off due to 'rona.

    NPH was there too. He's one of the big names who was cast in the 3rd sequel ... still unclear what his role will be. Either way, dude seems geared up to kick ass and dodge bullets.
    Now, the last time we saw Keanu and co. was earlier this year in San Francisco -- where the freedom fighters were revisiting another federal-looking, bank-ish type building ... reminiscent of the first flick when Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) was being held captive by the agents.

    Speaking of him ... we haven't seen him on set yet. One person we HAVE seen time and again nearby -- KR's girlfriend, Alexandra Grant.
    Sure enough, she was there in Berlin as well ... laughing it up with Keanu and some of the crew members. It would appear they're still going strong after making their red carpet debut late last year.

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    and whoever the hell Neil Patrick Harris is playing
    My thought exactly
    (I'm definitely not sure when need more Matrix movies ...)
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    Oh I hope they clean up Keanu for the movie. I don't like shaggy bearded man look.
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    whoever the hell Neil Patrick Harris is playing
    I could see him in as an agent in this.

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    Why oh why are they doing this?
    Is it my eyes or does Carrie Ann Moss look like she is 60 in that photo. I hope that is makeup for the movie.

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    They all look very casual (well, messy). Does anyone recognize Keanu's sneakers? Or are they hiking boots?
    Carrie has very pale skin and needs brows and lip. I just looked at photo of her and she's got very good bones, just needs makeup.

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