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Thread: Denzel Washington Helps Homeless Man in Face of Oncoming Traffic

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    Default Denzel Washington Helps Homeless Man in Face of Oncoming Traffic

    Denzel Washington's interaction with police and a distressed man earns praise following police brutality in Minneapolis

    Denzel Washington saw a commotion in West Hollywood with cops and an unarmed distressed homeless man. He gets out of his car, and serves as a barrier between what could have resulted in another murder of an unarmed Black man. This man was arrested safely.

    According to TMZ, police arrived on the scene after Denzel Washington had already engaged with the man and escorted him to the sidewalk. Washington stayed by his side throughout the interaction with police.

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    Denzel's lucky he didn't get shot as well.

    Sorry. Sorry. I'm feeling a bit sad and bitter about the continued, appalling, racism in this country that I genuinely love. Genuinely love - but my God, there's just no excuse. We must do better, and I don't even have a glimmer of the path to get there.

    One time, I actually got a video to post here, but that was years ago, and a triumph never to be repeated, so if someone could post the actual video, I'd really appreciate. It's a clip from America's Got Talent that is all over the internet - warning, it's inspiring and wonderful, but it also grew the hot ball of sadness and rage in my gut.
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    The US is a hot mess and itís a country full of racists. I donít love the US. Anyone who actually has to talk to their single-digit age kids about how NOT to get murdered by the police probably doesnít love this country too much.

    Things are coming to a head. I wonder how this will all end.

    On the positive side, we donít pretend that we are race and color-blind and that racism doesnít exist like some other countries do. Iíd honestly rather deal with open racism than with closeted racism. I like to know exactly what I am dealing with.
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    "Thankfully I'm an educated multi-millionaire who knows better than to speak to perverted unjust cops without my lawyer. "
    "I think she's psychotic...what do I do?" - Jenny Schecter

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    What's doing my head in at the minute is all the white Australians watching the news and "gosh gee darn it, America has such a bad problem with racism! Thank god we aren't like that"

    .... say what now???

    400 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have died in custody SINCE the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths In Custody was released in 1991.

    We can't talk about 26 January being the anniversary of an invasion (with the First Fleet arriving with convicts and settler soldiers to establish a colony) without white Australia losing it's fucking mind.

    Then there's our refugee detention, the imaginary African gangs on Melbourne, and all the other never ending examples of racism in Australia.... some people are just so wilfully fucking ignorant AND WE SEE YOU.

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