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Thread: Actress Jaime King is getting divorced

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    Default Actress Jaime King is getting divorced

    Earlier this week, we discussed Jaime King and how she filed for divorce from her husband of 13 years, Kyle Newman. There was no advance gossip about this, so it had the feel of something that came out of nowhere. Add to that, Jaime not only filed for divorce, she asked the California court to grant her a restraining order against Newman, which they did in a limited capacity (it’s a restraining order up until June 8th, which is their next court appointment). She also asked the court for an emergency custody motion about their two sons, James Knight and Leo Thames, but that motion was denied. Reportedly, there’s some kind of shadiness about that, and whether Newman has their sons right now… in lockdown in Pennsylvania. While Jaime is in LA? After the custody motion was denied, Kyle Newman’s spokesperson made a public statement:

    “Kyle was deeply saddened by Jaime’s attempt to obtain court orders based solely on false claims without providing him any opportunity to respond,” a spokesperson for filmmaker tells PEOPLE in a statement. “As a result, he was extremely pleased that the judge nevertheless permitted their children to remain in his care. As Kyle continues to solo parent, as he has done throughout this pandemic, he remains entirely focused on putting the children’s stability and welfare first. Kyle wants nothing but the best for his whole family and hopes that Jaime can find the peace and help she needs.”

    [From People]

    “… Their children to REMAIN in his care” and “continues to solo parent, as he has done throughout this pandemic.” So he’s been in Pennsylvania with their sons for two months or more and… Jaime wanted a restraining order? I don’t know, but I’ve felt unsettled about this situation from the start. Now Jaime’s people have gone to People Magazine to say that of course Jaime wants to protect the kids from all of this public discourse:

    Two days after Jaime King filed for divorce from estranged husband Kyle Newman after 12 years of marriage, a source close to the actress tells PEOPLE she wants to protect their children from any public drama. Via a statement released by his spokesperson, Newman broke his silence on the split Tuesday afternoon, saying he “was deeply saddened” by King’s legal filings and was “extremely pleased that the judge nevertheless permitted their children to remain in his care.”

    The source close to King says Newman, 44, “was not granted any type of custody of the children by the court” and that “the judge simply took ‘no action’ in regards to custody until such time as a hearing with notice to Kyle takes place.”

    “Jaime was granted her request for a temporary domestic violence restraining order against Kyle from being near her or contacting her and is hopeful for a private and peaceful resolution without further court proceedings, which would be best for their children,” says the King source. “Jaime strongly believes that their children’s lives should not be discussed in the press.”

    [From People]

    This sounds like a messy situation where two small children are being used as pawns by their parents anyway, and all of this talking around whatever is really happening… it’s not helpful. So the restraining order means that Kyle can’t contact her while he’s in Pennsylvania, huh? And I would guess that their lawyers are working some stuff out. But yeah, this is an odd situation.
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    Seems like a lot of divorce's happening lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeartShapedBox View Post
    Seems like a lot of divorce's happening lately.
    This is the time where you really find out how compatible you are with your lockdown mates....

    What I don't understand is a filing for a restraining order when one person has been in PA for a while and the other is in CA. Can you file something like that if you haven't been around each other in weeks? Or can you do it if someone made a verbal treat in an email or phone call?
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    Afaik, you can file for a restraining order to stop harassing and threatening communication, depending on how your state laws are written.

    Celebitchy seems misguided to assume that the person filing for an order is in the wrong. The fact the kids are with the husband could simply indicate he’s controlling them. We just don’t know.
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    Jaime King blasts ex Kyle Newman’s request for sole physical custody of kids

    Jaime King’s divorce battle with Kyle Newman is only getting uglier.

    On Nov. 4, Newman, 44, filed legal documents requesting sole physical custody of their sons, 7-year-old James Knight and 5-year-old Leo James, while proposing King only receive supervised visitation on alternating weekends and one night a week.

    “I have been the children’s primary caretaker since their birth and the children have spent the large majority of 2020 in my sole custody,” Newman wrote in the court documents, which were obtained by People.

    In a statement to Page Six, 41-year-old King’s rep blasted Newman’s request as a “false narrative.”

    “Once again, Kyle’s lawyers have filed selectively redacted documents which perpetuate a false narrative about Jaime,” the statement reads. “Jaime’s utmost priority has been the well-being of her children and she will continue to pursue this privately for their sake.”

    The “Hart of Dixie” actress’ rep added that she wishes Kyle “only the best” and even promoted the sales of his new cookbook.

    “She looks forward to harmonious co-parenting of the boys when everyone is back home in Los Angeles,” the statement concludes. “Jaime currently has the children with her while she is filming a movie in Puerto Rico after wrapping the second season of her television series.”

    In the documents, Newman alleged that King, who would have to submit to drug and alcohol testing, failed an alcohol stipulation test in June and missed the five rescheduled tests that day.

    In May, Newman alleged in a different court filing that King is a “chronic drug addict” who wouldn’t seek help. At the time, he requested temporary sole physical custody of the boys.

    Newman and King tied the knot in November 2007. She filed for divorce in May.
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    I don't know what's going on with them now but I found this from last year.

    Jaime King shares the moment she feared for her son Leo's life after child was born with heart defect and rushed into emergency medical treatment

    PUBLISHED: 17:26, 12 April 2019 | UPDATED: 19:49, 12 April 2019

    Jaime King has opened up on her traumatic birth and admitted that she didn't know if her son Leo was going to live.
    The 39-year-old actress discovered when she was 33 weeks into her pregnancy that her son, now three-years-old, had a chronic heart condition.
    Speaking about the terrifying moment in an interview with BUILD on Thursday, Jaime revealed she feared for Leo's life and 'didn't get to see his face' before he was taken in for emergency medical treatment just after giving birth.


    'I didn't know if he was going to come back to life': Jaime King has opened up on her traumatic birth and admitted that she didn't know if her son Leo was going to live

    'As a mother, I think I was so deeply vulnerable because ... I lost many of my pregnancies and my son, Leo Thames, crashed at birth and I didn't get to see his face and they took him and I didn't know if he was going to come back to life.
    'He had a serious heart defect called Transposition of the Great Arteries and I just heard, "He's crashing, he's crashing, he's crashing, he's crashing," and they, like, ran out of the room.'
    The Sin City actress - who also has five-year-old son James with her husband Kyle Newman - went on to reveal that despite hospital staff's best efforts to convince her to stay in bed and rest after the delivery, she insisted on seeing her child in the newborn intensive care unit.
    "But I need to see my child, I need to see my child. Is he alive? Will you tell me, is he alive?"' she recalled telling a nurse.


    Mother's intuition: King revealed on Build Series Thursday she was pushed to be by her son's side before his heart surgery

    But the nurse prevented her from leaving her bed: '"You cannot walk, it is illegal, we cannot let you. You just had a major operation."'
    '"I'm fine"', Jaime said she replied.
    She continued: 'I got up off of the surgical table, I walked into this NICU and it was, legitimately, looking back, like a scene in the movie, and it makes me really emotional, watching it because when I walked in, everybody went pale and my child was barely alive.'
    'I just remember saying something like, "I don't know what you believe in, but if you could just pray with me." And I closed my eyes and I prayed and I started singing... I just started singing You Are My Sunshine or something.'


    Doting parents: King and her husband Kyle Newman with their children, Leo and James Knight

    'I couldn't hear anything but then I heard, "He's stable." And people crying, and I open up my eyes and I hear the beeps of the machine, and then my body, that's when I went into seizures. Right, because I had no medication, nothing, and that's when I realized there's nothing that I would not do or cannot do for my child.'
    Jaime's mother intuition was already kicking in, and the actress insisted on breastfeeding her child as he remained in the ICU, even though she was set to begin a 72 hour epidural.
    'I just knew inside of me, if I couldn't hold him and touch him, they were going to race him into an open heart surgery, but some part of me knew that he had already left, that I needed him to stay.'
    'I did that, every two and a half hours, I stood up, I walked, go to the other building, up to the floor, breastfeed my child... and when you go through something like that, forever it changes you.'
    A year after his surgery, Jaime revealed to People her son was 'doing amazing'.
    'Leo Thames is the strongest, healthiest boy because of this team. He will live a full and whole life & never have to look back,' she wrote on Instagram, where she also revealed Leo's godmother Taylor Swift made a donation to Cedars-Sinai in honor of the child.
    Jaime and her husband Kyle Newman share son Leo and James Knight together.
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