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Thread: Solange Knowles and husband Alan Ferguson separate

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    Default Solange Knowles and husband Alan Ferguson separate

    Solange Knowles confirmed Friday that she and her second husband, Alan Ferguson, separated earlier this year after tying the knot in late 2014.

    In a long Instagram post about spiritual evolution and a desire “to live in my truth,” Beyoncé’s younger sister said the past two years have brought her more “physical and spiritual transition than ever before [and] my body left me with no choice but to listen and be still [and] within that stillness i begin my journey in confronting my worst enemy, fear.”

    “ive lived my best and worst moments in front of the lens and gaze of the world since i was a teenager. ive always tried to live in my truth no matter how ugly or full of love it is … 11 years ago i met a phenomenal man who changed every existence of my life. early this year we separated and parted ways, (and tho it ain’t nan no body business &#128557 i find it necessary to protect the sacredness of my personal truth and to live in it fully just as I have before and will continue to do,” the singer wrote in the post.

    Solange, 33, and the music video director, 56, wed at New Orleans’ Marigny Opera House in November 2014 in front of friends and family, including Beyoncé and Jay-Z with their daughter Blue Ivy.

    They do not share any children, but Solange is the mother of a 15-year-old son with ex-husband Daniel Smith.
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    I mean, she kind of had to announce it. There are videos of her hooking up with another guy at a club and pictures of her on vacation with him.

    33 and two husbands already. Crazy. She’s still my favorite Knowles sister though.
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    Eh. He was too old for her.

    And that first one as a teen she was probably pushed into marrying because of being pregnant with their baby.
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    I didn't realise she had been married twice

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    Someone posted on Lipstick Alley months ago that she was giving a lap dance to someone other than her husband. Another person posted a pic of her and a redheaded guy a few days before she confirmed the split.

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    Can't she just confirm the split without all that word salad? It's worse than consciously uncoupling.
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    i still remember her wedding dress and loving it. Cant believe that was 5 years ago, i thought it was 2 max

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