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Thread: Dennis Rodman claims Madonna offered him $20M to impregnate her

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    Default Dennis Rodman claims Madonna offered him $20M to impregnate her

    Madonna was allegedly willing to pay a lot of money to have a baby.

    Dennis Rodman appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and opened up about his 1993 relationship with the “Material Girl” and said she offered him that amount of money to impregnate her.

    “She said, ‘Dennis, you know that I’m ovulating,'” Rodman, 58, recalled the “Vogue” singer saying over the phone. “I said, ‘What is that?’ I was trying to f–k with her, you know?”

    Rodman, who was in Las Vegas at the time of the call, flew back in a jet that Madonna sent so he could sleep with her. Afterward, he immediately flew back to Vegas to finish his gambling.

    “She asked me that if I got her pregnant, she’d pay me $20 million,” he told Charlamagne tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee. “That’s if the child was born.”

    Rodman also speculated that her eventual child with trainer Carlos Leon, daughter Lourdes Leon, is a result of a similar financial arrangement.

    Reps for Madonna didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

    The famed NBA player has three kids — none of whom he shares with Madonna. He welcomed eldest daughter Alexis with his first wife, Annie Bakes, and shares son D.J. and daughter Trinity with his third wife, Michelle Moyer.
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    Jesus. How ugly did she want her baby to be?

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    This woman has the shittiest taste in men.

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    I don't believe that. Madge chose lourdes father wisely, their girl is beautiful, has a stable relationship with him and he did not sell her out to the magazines. Dennis Rodman wouldn't have qualified for any of these.
    Plus- he is a notorious liar for 20+ years by now.
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    Do not believe. But I love Ravenna's comment so much. I cackled out loud at work.

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    I don't buy this either. There's no way Madonna is choosing anyone unstable like Rodman.

    I think she made a smart choice with Carlos Leon. He seems like a devoted dad.

    With Guy Ritchie she was thinking more with her vag. And had a wild hair up her ass wanting to give being married a try. But he seems pretty devoted to Rocco too.

    All in all she lucked out. It could have been way worse.

    I do think each of those two she birthed are way more like their dads than they are her.
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    I think Richie being a director helped as well. I remember that there were rumours about her losing her shit when he kept refusing to give her lead roles in his film after Swept Away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenna View Post
    Jesus. How ugly did she want her baby to be?
    Uglier than her?
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