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Thread: Richard Pryor Jr. says he was molested

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    Default Richard Pryor Jr. says he was molested



    Mooney Again Denies, Points Out Flaws

  2. 8/27/2019 11:57 AM PT

    11:57 AM PT -- Paul Mooney's rep is responding to Richard Pryor Jr.'s suggestion that he was molested by the comedian as a teen, and she doubled down on the initial denial ... saying the timeline of events simply doesn't add up, especially since Richard Sr. and Paul were hanging out as late as 1999.
    The rep notes to us that if something like this had occurred, there's no way they would've been cool at this point in life. This photo was taken nearly 20 years after the alleged incident.
    The rep also points out that Richard Pryor Jr. does NOT name Paul Mooney as his alleged abuser in the clip we posted. She's right, he doesn't say Mooney's name.
    Richard Pryor's son seems to be backing up part of what his dad's ex-bodyguard claimed about Paul Mooney -- that the comedian had sex with Jr. decades ago -- even though he's not specifically invoking Mooney's name in his accusation.
    Our camera guy ran into Richard Pryor Jr.Tuesday in NYC and asked about Rashon Kahn's allegations -- about the sex, and Richard Sr. putting a $1 million hit on Mooney after finding out.
    Richard Jr. didn't want to touch the alleged hit, but he quickly pivoted to the topic of sex ... saying that "whatever happened to me" took place long ago when he was young, suggesting he was molested as a teenager well before the '80s. He does not name Paul Mooney.
    RPJ never gave us a specific age, but afterward his rep told us it was definitely "under the age of consent" when we asked about Kahn's allegation pertaining to Mooney. It should be noted though, Richard Jr. didn't name any names on camera, so it's unclear who he's talking about here.
    On the claim that someone had sex with him as a teen -- our photog asks if it was consensual. Watch the clip ... Jr. let us know, in no uncertain terms, it could NOT have been.
    As we reported, Mooney flat-out denied the bodyguard's allegations, saying there's no truth to anything Kahn said. We've reached out to them regarding this new Richard Jr. claim, but so far no word back.
    Pryor's widow, Jennifer Lee, has said Richard Jr. has previously accused Mooney of sexually assaulting him ... during a family event, which she claims to have on tape.
    Originally Published -- 10:58 AM PT

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    I am obviously behind the times, but I had no idea there was a Richard Pryor, Jr. I mean, I knew he had children, I just didn't know their names. I hate this happened to him. I'm wondering why we are just now learning about it. NOT meaning it never happened. I just never heard anything about this ever and it's odd it's being brought out now. Maybe the family kept it under wraps, which back then of course was the norm.

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