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Thread: Céline Dion’s inner circle fears ‘boy toy’ has too much influence over her

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    Default Céline Dion’s inner circle fears ‘boy toy’ has too much influence over her

    Céline Dion’s inner circle fears that her “best pal,” backup dancer Pepe Muñoz, has too much influence over the singer since her husband, René Angélil, passed away in 2016.

    “Pepe is like her boy toy who is really trying to take over. He’s isolating her and people are feeling it. She’s in love with this guy and listens to everything he’s saying. People go to him when they have questions. He’s fully taken over. The only people around her now [are] Pepe, the hairdresser and the stylist,” one source told Page Six.

    Multiple sources told us Pepe — who’s also Dion’s creative director — helped orchestrate the exit of some of Dion’s senior team, including former stylist Law Roach. Another source, who is close to the star, says it’s the “farthest from the truth.”

    “He’s an amazing inspiration for her. He’s inspiring her to take risks. It’s not a bad thing. He’s not managing her. People change their teams. She’s smart and at the helm of her career. She’s calling the shots now,” the insider said.

    “It’s crazy. She knows he’s gay and is accepting of it. She needs someone close to her and she fell in love. He’s turned into a René type,” the first source said.

    Another insider added, “People are freaked out by it. He has this clique that he keeps very small. It’s Céline, himself, a hair person and the stylist. That’s the group — even management goes to him when they need something.”

    Dion and Muñoz have been inseparable for nearly two years, often sparking romantic buzz. Reps for the singer did not comment on their relationship, but Dion opened up to the Sun earlier this year. “The press said, ‘Oh my God, René just passed and now there’s another man.’ Yeah, there’s another man in my life, but not the man in my life . . . We’re friends, we’re best friends,” she said.

    The second source insists, “There have been no hiccups. She’s reinventing herself and she’s thriving right now.”

    Dion ended her successful Vegas residency after eight years. She announced she will be going on tour in September and releasing a new album later this year.
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    Diva has gay BFF. I'm shocked.
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    Yeah call me when she’s got a real boy toy and is actually getting laid. Girlfriend never had under 50 peen before I sure as hell hope she’s sampled some young sausage since René kicked it.
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    And all the blinds are hinting at an affair with a woman! I’m confused ��*♂️
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    I really hope she has a fuck boy - for all the same reasons sputnik stated so eloquently.

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    Young sausage

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    "She’s reinventing herself and she’s thriving right now.”

    Is she? She's very thin and wackier than ever.
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    She looks very cancerous and her voice sounds thin and nasal like never before.
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