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Thread: South Korean singers, Jung Joon-young and Seungri, in a horrific K-pop sex scandal

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    Default South Korean singers, Jung Joon-young and Seungri, in a horrific K-pop sex scandal

    K-pop scandal widens as singer admits sharing secretly filmed sex videos

    Justin McCurry 13th March 2019.

    © AFP/Getty Images K-pop star Jung Joon-young is surrounded by reporters as he arrives at Incheon airport amid the sex scandal

    A sex scandal swirling around South Korea’s K-pop industry has deepened after a singer and TV celebrity admitted he had secretly filmed himself having sex with a woman and sharing the footage online without her consent.

    Jung Joon-young, who rose to fame after coming second in a TV talent show, said he would retire from show business and admitted he had shared footage of several women in a group chatroom.

    Members of the chatroom allegedly included Seungri, a K-pop star who was charged this week over allegations that he ran an illegal prostitution ring.

    (© Getty) South Korean singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young.

    “I admit to all my crimes,” Jung, 30, said in a statement, according to Yonhap news agency.

    “I filmed women without their consent and shared it in a chatroom, and while I was doing so I didn’t feel a great sense of guilt.

    “Most of all, I kneel down to apologize to the women who appear in the videos and all those who might be disappointed and upset at this shocking incident.”

    (© Getty) South Korean pop star Jung Joon-young.

    On Tuesday evening, police charged him with illegal filming and leaking visual material.

    Jung was one of three male artists in the chatroom, where some members shared secretly filmed footage of a sexual nature of at least 10 women, according to broadcaster SBS.

    The talent agency SM Entertainment dismissed speculation that one of its stars, a member of the boy band EXO, was part of the chatroom group. “It is a groundless rumor,” it said, adding, “We’ll take all legal measures against those who are found to have committed unlawful acts.”

    (© Getty) Singer Lee Seung-hyun (aka Seungri) was charged this week.

    JYP Entertainment, meanwhile, denied rumors that a member of its girl group, TWICE, was among the women shown in the sex videos.

    Molka - secretly filmed images of a sexual nature that often end up online – has reached epidemic proportions in South Korea.

    Last summer, tens of thousands of women held demonstrations in Seoul demanding that the police take tougher action against offenders.

    The allegations against Jung and Seungri have rocked K-pop, whose global appeal generates billions of dollars for the South Korean economy.

    “This case just shows that male K-pop stars are no exception when it comes to being part of this very disturbing reality that exploits women,” said Bae Bok-, a women’s rights activist.

    Jung was charged in 2016 with filming a partner during sex without her consent, but prosecutors dropped the case after the alleged victim withdrew her accusation. Police in Seoul said they would question him over the new allegations later this week.

    Seungri, a member of the K-pop quintet Big Bang, announced his retirement this week, but denied allegations that he had procured prostitutes for potential foreign investors at nightclubs in the Gangnam district of Seoul.

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    I am so glad you posted this article! I've been following all of this quite intensively. The secret filming is just one part of a whole web of accusations, and it just keeps snowballing. Even saying it's "batshit crazy" doesn't do the whole situation justice.

    The info on the taping, etc. came from chatroom data from Jung Joon-young's phone, which was sent to a data recovery place back in 2016 when he had the first secret taping scandal. The police tried to get the center to say the data couldn't be recovered, and the center refused, so the police claimed it couldn't be recovered and that was that.

    The media is slowly releasing the names of the people in the chatrooms (there were two rooms, one where Seungri talked about business stuff like procuring prostitutes or getting police to handle issues with his clubs) and another where about eight people shared videos and photos secretly taken. There have been convos where they laugh about raping women. One of the men admits drugging a woman who is in one video, and another time a woman passes out.

    A third singer, Choi Jong-hoon, has now been named. He apparently had a drunk driving incident covered up by another chatroom member paying off the police.

    The agencies for these people keep denying accusations and trying to obfuscate and then the reporters will immediately release more info which shows they are wrong/lying. It's hard to keep up with all the news coming out.

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    The part about the police being actively engaged in covering this up sounds really sinister. What possible reason would they have to protect this guy? Contrast this with R. Kelly and Jess Smollett.

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    Well no clue who he is but I hope he goes down hard.
    I am going to come and burn the fucking house down... but you will blow me first."

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    There is a LOT of corruption in South Korea and it could be just greed, but it's also possible there were even more sinister things going on. I don't want to speculate too much, because everything's still unfolding, but all of this began with a man being assaulted by security and then again by police at the Burning Sun nightclub (which Seungri invested in and was one of the management people, but he has been trying to downplay that). The man claimed he was trying to protect a female patron. He claimed staff were drugging women and taking them to VIP clients to be raped. Then the police showed extremely edited videos and claimed that man has actually sexually harassed a woman and already had three complaints against him from women at the club, and that the man started the altercations with security and police.

    However, more footage came out which shows he probably was the victim and not the instigator of the fights. Also, the complaints against the man appear to have been lodged by women who worked at the club. Somewhere along the way there were also accusations that club staff had a chatroom where they discussed drugging women and laughed at videos of them getting assaulted.

    The sex scandal in the article is based on chatroom logs from 2015 and 2016.
    Even though Seungri wasn't in the Burning Sun staff chat and can't be tied to possible sex assaults there, he was in the chatrooms in 2015/16 where he was talked about getting prostitutes for a soccer team (possibly Real Madrid? They haven't been named yet.) and also for Taiwanese "businessmen."

    My guess is that some of the VIPs who participated in drugging and raping women at Burning Sun will be revealed, and some of them might be people who benefitted from suppressing crimes by celebs.

    A few years ago an actress committed suicide and left behind a diary talking about how her company forced her to sleep with businessmen, people who owned companies and news outlets, etc. The list of perpetrators has supposedly been lost, so we don't know who all she blamed, but I wouldn't be surprised if police were involved, too. The case of her death has been reopened and the results should be out soon.
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    I hope it all comes out and doesn't get 'edited' and covered up again.
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    I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends.

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    I don't think Mo Willems would be happy that Elephant is hanging with this dude.

    On a serious note, I do hope these jack asses get jail time.
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