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Thread: Lisa Sheridan, dead at 44, R.I.P.

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    Default Lisa Sheridan, dead at 44, R.I.P.

    Too sad, way too young

    “Halt and Catch Fire” actress Lisa Sheridan, who also worked on numerous other series like “Invasion” and “CSI,” died in her New Orleans apartment Feb. 25. She was 44.

    Sheridan’s “Only God Can” co-star Donna D’Errico shared the news on Facebook.

    “It’s so rare to find kind, gentle souls like hers in this industry, this city…even this world,” she wrote. “Truly one of the most genuinely sweet and gentle people I’ve ever come across in my life.”

    Sheridan’s manager told People that they are still waiting on a coroner’s report for cause of death, and that the family insists she did not take her own life.

    Sheridan, who attended the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama in Pittsburg, Penn., has more than 30 television credits to her name, including appearances in “CSI: NY,” “The Mentalist,” “The 4400,” “Without a Trace,” and “Diagnosis: Murder.” She most recently starred in the independent eco-thriller “Strange Nature,” written and directed by Jim Ojala.

    The actress was previously engaged to Ron Livingston, with whom she appeared in 2000’s “Beat,” which also starred Courtney Love, Kiefer Sutherland, and Norman Reedus.

    Director and magazine editor Michael Dunaway also remembered Sheridan on Instagram.

    “She was beautiful, obviously, and an immensely talented actor, and a wonderful friend,” he wrote, “but more than anything she really did radiate this impossibly bright energy and life. Even in her dark moments. And she had plenty of those, especially over the last few years.”

    “I’m trying to take comfort in knowing your struggles and pain and grief are ‘at last, and last behind you,'” he continued. “I love you with all my heart, yesterday, today, and forever. Sorry that I can’t write more; it’s just still too painful.”

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    Don't know who she is but 44 is way too young.
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    I’m trying to take comfort in knowing your struggles and pain and grief are ‘at last, and last behind you,'” he continued.
    This is not a statement you make about somebody who was okay and then suddenly died.

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    I am probably one of the few people in the world who watched Halt and Catch Fire (Lee Pace, baby!) and I don't remember her at all. No wonder, I looked it up and she was in two episodes (out of 40) so the headline is a little deceiving...

    In any case, RIP.

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    I am struggling to place her...I'm sure I've seen her in something. But 44 is way too young, regardless.

    I've never seen Halt and Catch Fire, but I'm a late in life Lee Pace fan. As a side note.

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    I thought seeing her face might ring a bell but it doesn't. Still 44 is just way too young. RIP.
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    Lisa Sheridan’s cause of death has been revealed.

    More than two months after the actress, who appeared in Invasion and Halt and Catch Fire, died at age 44, details of her death have been disclosed.

    Sheridan died on Feb. 25 of “complications of chronic alcoholism” and the manner was “natural,” the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office confirmed to PEOPLE on Friday.

    According to an autopsy report obtained by Radar Online, Sheridan had a “reported history of benzodiazepine abuse.” Benzodiazepines are “a type of prescription sedative commonly prescribed for anxiety or to help with insomnia,” the National Institute on Drug Abuse website states.

    She also suffered a “remote brain injury” as a result of a fall, according to the autopsy.

    At the end of February, Sheridan’s manager, Mitch Clem, confirmed her death to PEOPLE.

    “We all loved Lisa very much and are devastated by the loss we all feel,” Clem told PEOPLE. “She passed away Monday morning, at home, in her apartment in New Orleans. We are waiting for a coroners report on cause of death.”

    Clem denied Sheridan had taken her own life: “The family has unequivocally confirmed that this is not a suicide. Any suggestion to the contrary is absolutely, 100% unfounded.”
    Some friends of the actress — she starred as Larkin Groves on Invasion from 2005-06 — shared the news on social media, including actress Donna D’Errico, who worked with Sheridan in the 2015 film Only God Can.

    “I just received news that my dear friend, actress Lisa Sheridan, has passed away,” D’Errico, who has appeared on Baywatch and Baywatch Nights, shared on Facebook. “She was found Monday morning. I am sitting here stunned. Lisa and I filmed a movie together 5 years ago and became very close on set and remained close friends after filming ended.”
    She continued, “It’s so rare to find kind, gentle souls like hers in this industry, this city…even this world. Truly one of the most genuinely sweet and gentle people I’ve ever come across in my life. She brought a sweetness and bright energy to any room she happened to walk into…even in her darker times.”

    “I am devastated by this loss. I had just spoken with her and everything seemed great and she seemed happy and in good spirits. Everyone who knew her loved and adored her. Goodbye and goodnight sweet angel…I will miss you terribly,” D’Errico, 50, concluded. “Please send up prayers for her family.”

    The actress’ television credits also include Legacy, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Journeyman and The Mentalist, among others
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    Horrible way to go.

    Also, it seems we need some sort of Lee Pace appreciation thread.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Who’s Lee Pace?

    Poor thing, way too young but hopefully she has found her peace now

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