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Thread: Actress and chef Hiep Thi Le, star of Oliver Stone's Heaven & Earth, dies aged 46

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    Default Actress and chef Hiep Thi Le, star of Oliver Stone's Heaven & Earth, dies aged 46

    Vietnamese actress Hiep Thi Le who starred in Oliver Stone's Heaven & Earth dies of cancer aged 46

    Read more: Heaven & Earth's Hiep Thi Le dies of cancer aged 46 | Daily Mail Online

    By Reporter
    Published: 14:10 AEDT, 20 December 2017 | Updated: 18:59 AEDT, 20 December 2017

    Actress Hiep Thi Le, who starred in Oliver Stone's third movie in his Vietnam war trilogy, has died.

    The Vietnamese-born star was handpicked by Stone to play opposite Tommy Lee Jones in 1993's Heaven & Earth, the story of a woman living through the war who marries an American G.I. and moves back with him to the US.

    Le was 46 and died due to complications from stomach cancer, Variety reported Tuesday.

    (Actress Hiep Thi Le, who starred in Heaven & Earth, Oliver Stone's third movie in his Vietnam war trilogy, has died. She was 46)

    Speaking about his decision to go with the unknown young woman for the movie that completed his trilogy along with Platoon and Born On The Fourth Of July, Stone told film critic Roger Ebert that Le had captivated everyone on the production.

    'We searched in six or seven American cities, and in Hong Kong and Bangkok. More than 16,000 Vietnamese came in to read for 30 different roles,' the director explained in an article published in the LA Times in 1993.

    'Our people saw her, put her on video, thought she was electric, and flew her down to Los Angeles. I thought she was charismatic. We worked with her, put her on video with other actors, introduced her to Tommy Lee Jones and Joan Chen and Haing Ngor, and then we put her on film,' he went on.

    'We tested her out for about five months, continuously, and she won the role. I didn't send her to any acting school. I didn't feel that it was necessary; she was a natural.'

    (A natural: Stone handpicked Le, who was born in Vietnam and arrived in the US as a child, from thousands of hopefuls to star in the movie. The two are seen on set of the film released in 1993)

    (Female perspective: She starred opposite Tommy Lee Jones in Heaven & Earth, the story of a woman living through the war who marries an American and moves back with him to the States)

    Following Heaven & Earth, for which she received critical acclaim, Le went on to have roles in the movies Cruel Intentions and Green Dragon as well as parts in television shows.

    In 2016, she reprised her role as Mai-Lee in the pilot for a television version of Cruel Intentions, but the series was not picked up.

    She also made a career as a chef, working at the China Beach Bistor in Venice, California, before moving on to become chef and owner of Le Cellier, a French-Vitenamese restaurant in Marina Del Rey, just south of Venice.

    (Smaller roles: Le also appeared in the movie Cruel Intentions and reprised the role of Mai-Lee for a television pilot based on the film in 2016. She's pictured with the show's creators)

    Le was born in Da Nang in 1971 and at the age of eight was put on a fishing boat with her sister to travel to Hong Kong where she would be reunited with her father, Variety reported.

    The family eventually moved to the United States where they settled in Oakland, outside San Francisco.

    While a student at University of California at Davis, she auditioned for a role in Stone's film and was chosen form among thousands of hopefuls.

    Le is survived by her husband, two children and six siblings.

    (Gone too soon: In addition to acting, Le was chef and owner of a French-Vietnamese restaurant in Los Angeles. She is survived by her husband, two children and six siblings)

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    So young. So sad. She was very beautiful.

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    Heartbreaking. 46 is way too soon and I feel bad for her kids and the rest of her family.

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    Damn another cancer victim. Just too damn young.
    I am going to come and burn the fucking house down... but you will blow me first."

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    How sad.
    This will sound weird, but you know how someone can just LOOK like they would be a very friendly and genuine person? That's her.

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