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Thread: Idris Elba criticises government housing cuts for 18 to 21-year-olds

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    Default Idris Elba criticises government housing cuts for 18 to 21-year-olds

    Idris Elba made an appearance as a fundraiser/concert a few nights ago. The fundraiser was for Shelter, a homeless charity. Idris made a speech about the current Tory government’s move to radically slash housing benefits for young people, meaning… if you’re a young person struggling to get by and you lose your job, the government will probably take away your housing benefits and you’re more likely to end up homeless. Here’s part of what Idris told the crowd:

    “There’s a real problem, man. There’s a real problem in 2017, where there’s 850 people here tonight, but there’s at least 1,000 men and women on the streets tonight. That’s f–keries alright? We need to do something about it and that’s why we’re here. That’s why we back Shelter, that’s why I back Shelter.”

    There are 60,000 families homeless. I mean, we have one of the strongest currencies in the world, why do we have 60,000 women, single mothers, homeless. That’s f–keries, that’s bullsh-t. So listen, even though, everything’s done in increments, this room, although we’re here all jolly, having a good time, there is a point to the situation. We need to make some change. Brick by brick. There’s a petition outside, you can sign it. The government’s probably trying to take away housing allowances for 18-21 year olds. They’re gonna get their housing benefits whacked out. We need to stop that, because we can. And that’s where Shelter come in, alright? Seriously, man, no-one should be homeless, that’s f–king bullsh-t. No one should be hungry.

    This is isn’t about any celebrity giving back, this is about us all giving back. Everyone should give back, everyone. How important is it for people in my position to give back?’ … I’m like, what position is that bruv, everyone should give back, it’s a normal procedure.’

    [From Metro & Pajiba]

    Cele|bitchy | Idris Elba slams Tory government for ?f-ckeries? on youth homelessness

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    The same problem in Toronto as well. Not exactly the same but we do have a housing crisis. Rent & sale prices are going up by a 100% & people cant afford this so their moving to the country. People who rent are getting kicked out of their rental units because prices are going up. Two condo units in the city the rent went from $1600.00 a month to $3300.00 a month. Now these people have to move out. A building that rents out rooms for $500 month the residents are being kicked out & the building is being turned into a fancy mini hotel. You gotta be a millionaire to live here. We also have a homeless issue as well.

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