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Thread: Derek & Hannah Jeter expecting first child

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    Default Derek & Hannah Jeter expecting first child

    Derek Jeter and his wife Hannah have announced they are expecting their first child.

    The ex-Yankees captain is set to become a father to a baby girl at the age of 42. The news was made public today after his 26-year-old wife announced it on their website, The Players' Tribune.
    In a blog post titled, The Derek I Know, Hannah Jeter gushed about her husband and the future she sees for their children. She said the former shortstop already has a name picked out for his daughter.

    Read more: Derek Jeter and wife Hannah are having a baby | Daily Mail Online

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    Derek Jeter and wife Hannah's new addition joins big sister Bella Raine, who was born on Aug. 17, 2017

    Deirdre Durkan

    January 31, 2019 03:09 PM

    It’s a girl!

    The MLB great Derek Jeter, 44, and wife Hannah Davis Jeter have welcomed their second child, a daughter, The Players’ Tribune tweeted Thursday.

    “Congratulations Derek and Hannah on the birth of your second baby girl, Story Grey Jeter. Welcome to the family, #2,” the tweet read from the website, which was co-founded by Jeter.

    The new addition joins big sister Bella Raine, who was born on Aug. 17, 2017.

    The couple’s pregnancy news broke in September when Hannah, 28, was photographed out with a baby bump.

    Just a day before the photos surfaced, the former Yankee captain raved about fatherhood, telling Extra how life as a dad has been “awesome.”

    “Regardless of what happens in the course of a day, when you get home and you have your daughter there, it puts a smile on your face, so I have no complaints whatsoever,” he said.

    Throughout her pregnancy, Hannah mastered styling her baby bump during date nights. While stepping out with the baseball icon in November, she wore a black lace off-the-shoulder form-fitting dress, showing off her curves at the Bar Bevy Miami in honor of the athlete’s Ocean Drive Magazine cover story.

    “Every day is something new,” the proud father told PEOPLE at the Florida event. “When the baby is born, you can’t wait for her to crawl, then you can’t wait for her to walk.”

    “Then when she starts walking, she starts running, and when she starts running, you wish she wasn’t walking, running or crawling — you wish she’d stay still,” he admitted. “Every day is something new, and you’re so proud of those little moments.”

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    Do the girls inherit their parents foreheeeaaads?
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    I really thought the title said Daryl Hannah for a second and so many things went through my head. Like ewww, she and that old geezer are having a baby? Wait a minute, isn't she well into her fifties? WTF?

    Congrats to them. I love the name Bella. Not too keen on Raine.
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    Hey, Story, wanna hear a story?
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    I get him and Alex Rodriguez confused. Both steroid abusing, prior girlfriend abusing, New York Yankee jerks.
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    They are morphing into the same person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs P View Post
    I get him and Alex Rodriguez confused. Both steroid abusing, prior girlfriend abusing, New York Yankee jerks.
    Jeter is the one who gave herpes to everyone from LA to NY.
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