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Thread: Michael Jackson's Ex-Wife Debbie Rowe Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

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    Default Michael Jackson's Ex-Wife Debbie Rowe Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

    Michael Jackson's Ex-Wife Debbie Rowe Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
    July 4, 2016 @ 9:30 AM By Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon

    The 57-year-old former nurse who was married to the "Thriller" singer for three years until 1999, was recently diagnosed with the disease, TMZ was the first to report. She is undergoing treatment.

    Rowe first met Jackson while working as a nurse at Dr. Arnold Klein's dermatology practice, where the King of Pop was being treated for vitiligo. They got together shortly after he split from Lisa Marie Presley, when Rowe offered to help Jackson become a father.
    She gave birth to two his two eldest children Prince, now 19 and Paris, now 18, during their marriage. When she divorced Jackson she signed over all parental rights to him.

    After Jackson's death in 2009, Rowe sought, and was granted, supervised visitation rights to the kids, though her relationships with her children have had their ups and downs. As Us reported previously, Rowe was present at Paris' 18th birthday party back in April, where the teen celebrated her coming of age by smooching her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, in a photo the drummer shared on his Instagram page.

    Rowe's recent diagnosis comes two years after the former nurse suffered another cancer scare.

    On that occasion, the scare turned out to be sarcoidosis (an auto-immune disease that is not life-threatening). On being given the news she did not have cancer, Rowe agreed to marry her long-time friend (and Jackson's former business manager) Marc Schaffel, who she had refused to marry when she first discovered she was ill.

    Michael Jackson's Ex-Wife Debbie Rowe Has Breast Cancer - Us Weekly

    DEBBIE ROWE DIAGNOSED WITH BREAST CANCER Daughter Paris Jackson in the Dark
    7/4/2016 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

    Michael Jackson's ex-wife has breast cancer, and their estranged daughter doesn't even know.
    We've learned Debbie Rowe was diagnosed recently and will undergo surgery in the next week, but her daughter, 18-year-old Paris Jackson, has no idea because she broke all contact with her mom more than a year ago.
    Rowe has all but given up on salvaging the relationship. After Michael died, Debbie and Paris got extremely close, to the point it created friction with the rest of the family.
    When Paris began dealing with her own problems, the relationship fell apart. Rowe believesthe family influenced their daughter and drove a wedge.
    Either way, we're told Debbie is sad, but is not counting on any emotional support from her daughter.
    Debbie Rowe Diagnosed with Breast Cancer ... Daughter Paris Jackson in the Dark |

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    hmmmnnn....i'm guessing there is a LOT more to this story. I wish her the best.
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    This story makes no sense. They are estranged, het Rowe attended Paris' birthday party in April? Which is it because it can't be both.
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