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Thread: Mayhem Miller Busted For DUI Cops Prepared For War

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    Default Mayhem Miller Busted For DUI Cops Prepared For War

    Mayhem Miller Busted For DUI Cops Prepared For War



    2/11/2016 10:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


    11:58 AM PT
    -- We just got Mayhem's mug shot. Yeeesh.

    Ex-UFC star Jason "Mayhem" Miller was arrested for DUI this weekend -- and we're told officers brought the cavalry to the arrest scene, just in case he decided to get violent with cops again.

    FYI -- Mayhem allegedly fought police on TWO separate incidents last year ... grappling with 4 cops in March and attacking officers with a ceramic tile back in October.
    So, when cops got a tip that 35-year-old Miller was driving drunk in Irvine, CA this weekend -- we're told they rolled deep just in case things got crazy this time around too!
    Our sources say there were roughly 15 cops on scene and a K9 unit to provide assistance.
    When the gang arrived to the scene, we're told Miller had "obvious signs of intoxication" -- and then bombed several field sobriety tests.
    He was arrested on suspicion of DUI and hauled to a nearby jail.
    We're told Miller was mouthy with cops during the incident ... but didn't get violent this time -- which is a step in the right direction considering his past.
    Miller was cited and has since been released from custody

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    He was doing this shit back when I was in Orange county (Irvine). I think he broke into a church or something.

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    Who the hell is he?
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