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Thread: Scumbucket serial animal abuser Justin Bieber has a new puppy

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    Default Scumbucket serial animal abuser Justin Bieber has a new puppy

    He has long been known for having a soft spot for a cute face.

    And this time it was a puppy that melted Justin Bieber's heart after he showed off his new dog in a series of Instagram posts on Thursday.

    The pop pixie seemed absolutely delighted with his new pooch, who he said he has named Phil, perhaps due to his love of philanthropy.

    The Baby star has long been known for how much he adores cute canines.

    Justin Bieber shows off Labrador puppy Phil in series of Instagram postsÂ* | Daily Mail Online


    - Previous adventures in failed animal husbandry for Bieber -

    Justin Bieber Owes Germany Thousands For Monkey Day Care

    Justin Bieber has paid the €8,000 euro he owed after attempting to bring a pet monkey into the country last
    year without the necessary papers, German authorities said.

    Bieber failed to produce vaccination and import papers for Mally the monkey on arriving in Munich in March 2013, and the animal was seized by customs.

    Mally became the German government's property after the singer failed to claim his pet, and now lives at a zoo in the north of the country.

    Franz Emde, a spokesman for the German Federal Nature Conservation Agency, said that Bieber this week paid a €2,100 fine for the monkey's import plus the costs of several weeks' care at an animal shelter.

    'I hope I never meet Justin Bieber... he abused my monkey': Furious zookeeper attacks star over frightened baby Capuchin he bought 'illegally on black market' and then abandoned

    • Bieber bought baby capuchin but it was confiscated by German authorities
    • Star failed to carry correct paperwork then dumped monkey in care of zoo
    • He never provided proof of ownership and zoo says it was bought illegally
    • Mally's 'new mum' says he was treated so badly he needed 'constant care'
    • Claims come after Bieber also dumped his pet Christmas puppy 'Karma'

    A statement from the shelter said the monkey should not have been kept as a pet and was too young to have been taken away from its mother.

    Mally was acquired illegally, he helped to fuel a barbaric, multi-million pound trade in south American countries like Brazil, Peru and Chile where their mothers are often slaughtered so their young can be captured for selling on. Within weeks of birth they have the intelligence of a six year old human child - and its feelings and needs.

    Experts say capuchin monkeys should be kept in groups as they are sociable animals.

    Bieber was given several weeks to produce the health papers required to get him back, but failed to do so. He has never sent any money to the Hodenhagen site - not that they want it - nor has he or anyone in his management ever enquired after Mally's health.

    Bieber was also revealed to have dumped his pet puppy, Karma.

    The American bulldog pup was bought on a trip to Canada last Christmas as a present to himself but never collected from a trainer, who posted on Facebook: 'Karma will bit you in your ass, Biebers.'

    It is the third pet that the multi-millionaire pop prodigy has discarded - including a hamster - and triggered claims the pop star is guilty of animal cruelty.

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    FFS. Is he going to bother to get the puppy trained this time? Is he even going to bother keeping it? I hope he gets bored very, very quickly and rehomes it before it can get too messed up.
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    This breaks my heart and makes my blood boil!

    i want to rescue those poor babies.

    Justin should be banned from ever having animals, as he seems to think they are disposable.

    And Mally, the poor baby

    Just found this to add to Azorias thread..

    Priceless! Justin Bieber stages reunion with his abandoned pet monkey Mally

    Priceless! Justin Bieber stages reunion with his abandoned pet monkey Mally | Entertain This!

    By Bryan Alexander March 15, 2015 1:55 am

    Justin Bieber and monkey (Getty)

    So cute. Justin Bieber is back with his Capuchin monkey pet Mally, whom he called “the love of his life.”

    At least that’s the gag that Bieber made to end The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber on Saturday night.

    After taking serious blows from roasting luminaries such as Shaquille O’Neal and Martha Stewart, Bieber got some shots back and then staged the seemingly beautiful pet reunion to end the festivities.

    He started the gag with a Selena Gomez-like introduction, saying he wanted to bring out “someone I really loved and lost because I screwed it all up.”

    “Thankfully that special someone, the love of my life, is here tonight. I want that second chance.”

    That’s when a handler brought out a monkey that looked a lot like Mally.

    Mally and Bieber were super tight. He used to love showing the monkey on Instagram.

    justinbieber Verified 34 months ago

    But the love ended when Mally was confiscated in March 2013 as Bieber arrived in Germany on a European tour. Bieber failed to produce vaccination and import papers, so the animal was seized by customs. Mally became the German government’s property and was transferred to the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, near Hanover.

    Apparently, we can laugh about it now.

    Bieber took plenty of heat for Mally’s plight during the comedy roast, which will air March 30.

    The real Mally the Monkey (AP)

    Even Ron Burgundy, who crashed the event as a sign of respect, took Bieber to task.

    “It’s a monkey. It’s named Mally. Don’t think twice, you leave it in a German zoo.”

    Ron Burgundy (Getty)

    *Bieber is a absolute asshole, and i don't know how he still has admirers?
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    I don't hate many people in this world, most assholes I can just turn my back on and walk away from. But I really really hate Justin Bieber. He's a vacant, thoughtless, spoiled, self indulgent, smarmy little fukwad punk piece of shit human being.

    The public needs to know and stop funding his existence.
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    ^^^ bravo!!!

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    I HATE people who don't respect that animals are living creatures, with feelings too! I can't stand when people leave their dogs outside & never interact with them. It breaks my heart. They're very social & to keep them outside, all isolated is fucking cruel. Why even bother getting a pet if you're just going to do that?
    And don't even get me started on having wild animals as pets. That poor monkey was probably ripped from it's mother's arms (or back) before it was even weaned. They belong in the wild, not in a cage. I don't care how good you are to it (and this prick is NOT), & how much you love it. Truly loving it means respecting that it belongs in it's own environment, not in ours.
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    He's scrum all around. Amazes me people still tolerate him as much as they do.

    I definitely don't think he's the only celeb guilty of just throwing animals away when they're not cute anymore.
    All you can do at life is play along and hope that sometimes you get it right.

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