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Thread: Chris Brown’s Daughter Has Asthma And His Baby Mama Says It’s All His Fault

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    Default Chris Brown’s Daughter Has Asthma And His Baby Mama Says It’s All His Fault

    Chris Brown’s Daughter Has Asthma And His Baby Mama Says It’s All His Fault

    February 1, 2016 / Posted by: Allison
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    It’s nice to see that things between World’s Best Dad…mug owner Chris Brown and the mother of his daughter, Nia Guzman, are still a mess as usual. It all started yesterday when Nia announced that their almost two-year-old daughter Royalty has asthma and accused Chris of being the reason why. According to Nia, Chris Brown loves weed and cigarettes more than their kid, and he’s constantly exposing her to second-hand smoke. Nia says Royalty usually comes home from Daddy’s house smelling like Mary-Kate Olsen’s wedding reception, and she wants a judge to force Chris Brown to hire a nanny to take care of Royalty.

    Of course, that’s not all Nia wants a judge to make happen. Nia also wants a judge to add a couple zeros to her monthly child support checks. Nia is currently getting $2500, but wants that changed to $16,000. This isn’t the first time Nia has come for Chris’ cash; back in July, Nia was trying to get $15,000 a month. Sadly, she was about as successful at getting money as Chris Brown is at not saying dumb shit, and that’s how she ended up at $2500 a month.

    Speaking of Chris Brown saying dumb shit. Shortly after Nia accused him of fucking up Royalty’s lungs with second-hand smoke, TMZ says that Chris released a statement of his own on Instagram, which has since been yanked down. Chris side-eyed Nia’s claims that Royalty got asthma from his smoking. Chris says he quit smoking cigarettes on New Years, and that no one smokes around his daughter. According to Chris, Nia is just trying to stuff more money into her bank account. “Well DUH” said Nia’s shameless $16,000 a month child support request.

    Chris says he stopped smoking cigarettes, but he failed to mention anything about not smoking weed. Although he doesn’t exactly have to. That busted Venus de Milo tattoo on his head is all the proof a judge needs that Chris Brown is in a committed long-term relationship with drugs.

    Regardless of whether or not Chris Brown is the reason Royalty has asthma, one thing is obvious; Nia needs to work on her get money game. You’ve got to keep it simple, Nia! Forget about the asthma story – I’m sure a judge would have accepted the following: “Your honor, my child is exposed to Chris Brown. Can I have more money please?


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    Dlisted | Chris Brown’s Daughter Has Asthma And His Baby Mama Says It’s All His Fault
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    It's even worse: she also has Chris Brown as a dad.
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    i want to rescue Royalty.

    Even at two she must be going through hell with these two warring adults as her parents.

    The poor baby deserves a much happier, stable and healthy life.
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    Exposing children to second-hand smoke is bad parenting, IMHO.
    It doesn't take much to move to a different room or go outside (or far away from the child) for a cigarette.
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    Asthma? Pfffft. Try getting through life with the name Royalty.
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    With Chris Brown as her dad, asthma is going to be the least of her problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by C_is_for_Cookie View Post
    With Chris Brown as her dad, asthma is going to be the least of her problems.
    Exactly what I was thinking.

    Furthermore, as if she can prove he caused asthma. Furthermore at that age it's called Reactive Airways so if she's going to speak on it, she best use the right terms so she doesn't sound so stupid. Then again, stating the obvious with these two parents. Dumb and Dumber.

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    Asthma - I am sure he can beat it out of her.
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    So if he's smoking cigarettes and/or weed around the kid is the mother asking a court to withdraw his visitation or is she just asking for more money? Cos if a kid of mine came back smelling like tobacco and weed the father wouldn't be getting any visitation until he passed drug tests and a home assessment.
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