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Thread: Rocker Kim Mitchell recovering after heart attack, manager says

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    Default Rocker Kim Mitchell recovering after heart attack, manager says

    I think there's so some other Canucks here who will know who he is:

    Canadian rock musician Kim Mitchell is recovering in hospital after suffering a heart attack on Tuesday.
    A Facebook message posted by Alert Music, his management company, says Mitchell underwent emergency surgery.
    He will remain at the hospital for another day or two before returning home.
    Mitchell has been a staple of the Canadian and Toronto-area music scenes for decades, first as the lead singer and guitarist for Max Webster in the 1970s before going solo.
    Some of his best-known hits include "Go For Soda," "Patio Lanterns" and "I Am A Wild Party."
    Last year, Mitchell left Toronto classic rock radio station Q107, where he worked for about 11 years.

    Source: Rocker Kim Mitchell recovering after heart attack, manager says - Toronto - CBC News

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    What am I doing in this handbasket?


    Go For Soda was a minor MTV hit in the US, too.

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    Watching the sun set over Lake Superior.


    If Kim Mitchell dies, too, I'll kick his fucking ass!

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