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Thread: Christina Aguilera got fall-down drunk at Christmas. Again.

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    Default Christina Aguilera got fall-down drunk at Christmas. Again.

    From Jezebel:
    Christina Aguilera
    had a better time at Seth MacFarlane’s “annual over-the-top” Christmas party than I thought it was possible to have at Seth MacFarlane’s “annual over-the-top” Christmas party. Page Six’s reporting of the incident is making me incredibly jolly this Tuesday morning, and I wish it were three times as long.

    “Seth asked her five times to come up [and sing] and she refused,” said a source of “The Voice” judge, explaining her refusal seemed to be thanks to too many holiday libations. “She was a mess,” said the witness. “The reason she didn’t get up is because she was wasted.”

    It keeps going:
    Later at the bash, “[Aguilera’s] man [Matt Rutler] and her girlfriend had to hold her on each arm walking out,” said a witness. “She was wearing 6-inch custom Louboutins. She was literally wobbling.” And “she nearly fell into a Christmas tree.”

    But that’s not even the best part! This is the best part:
    Aguilera’s rep did not comment. Aguilera was arrested in 2011 in LA on suspicion of being drunk in public, but wasn’t prosecuted. The same year she reportedly passed out at Jeremy Renner’s place.

    Ah yes, that year.

    If I heard Christina Aguilera’s melodic screams at Seth MacFarlane’s Christmas party, I’d assume she was just singing her verse from “Lady Marmalade” and applaud. “Where’d she go?” I’d ask after turning to watch her perform, unaware that she was lying under the tree, covered in pine needles and shattered Family Guy ornaments.
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    Haha. This makes me happy. Merry Christmas to me.
    This seems like a lot of effort just to marry one of the Jonas Brothers. - ChemicalHelena

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    Shrug. Sounds like my office Christmas party... every year.
    "Thankfully I'm an educated multi-millionaire who knows better than to speak to perverted unjust cops without my lawyer. "
    "I think she's psychotic...what do I do?" - Jenny Schecter

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    Once again, Seth totally nailed it. I wonder if she saw this.

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    Can't fault her, that sounds like the best way to deal with Christmas.
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    Jup. This is gong to be me tonight. The only difference: I only sing when I'm wasted, not when I'm sober.
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    It sounds fun and she couldn't have sung Lady Marmalade without the others anyway!
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    So she got drunk at a party. Whoopdeedoo! Who hasn't?

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