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Thread: Peter Andre's dad was 'a slave'

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    Default Peter Andre's dad was 'a slave'

    Peter Andre's dad was 'a slave'

    16 hrs ago

    ( Ian West/PA WIRE/Press Association) Peter Andre has revealed his dad, Savvas, was sold as a slave in his native home of Cyprus.

    Reality TV star Peter Andre has revealed his father was sold as a slave in Cyprus at the age of 11.

    The `90s Australian pop star, who is now a TV staple in his adopted Britain, has revealed his dad, Savvas Andre, had it tough as a child growing up amid dire poverty in his native home.

    "It's very interesting with my dad because at 11-years-old in Cyprus, he was sold as a slave," Andre told Radio Times.

    "There were 13 kids, and they had no food, no money. So some of the kids had to be sold to earn money for the family," he said.

    Andre's father, who has six kids, now lives in Australia.

    The 42-year-old celebrity says it was his dad who instilled in him the benefits of hard work.

    "Dad's determination, what dad's achieved in life, is incredible," the singer said. "He came to London not being able to speak a word of English, learned a trade - he became a barber - and he still owns a barber's shop in Paddington."

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    I believe him. Slavery still goes on today. I'm working in a case now in which a child was brought from a country in Africa to the U.S. and "work trafficked," aka used as a slave. The child is now 14. Another part of the case is a 13 year old girl sold into sexual slavery in the US. The fact that this still goes on is unbelievable and horrifying.
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    This happened in my state. A couple years ago, a couple was prosecuted and convicted for bringing a teenager over from West Africa essentially as a household slave and nanny. She escaped finally and went to the police. The couple were Middle Eastern and didn't appear at first to believe they had done anything wrong SMDH.

    I don't care about anybody's cultural context: it's wrong.

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