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Thread: Happy Days diner owner Al Molinaro dies aged 96

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    Default Happy Days diner owner Al Molinaro dies aged 96

    Image copyright AP Image caption Al Molinaro starred as 'Big Al' alongside Henry Winkler, as the Fonz American actor Al Molinaro, who starred as "Big Al" Delvecchio in sitcom Happy Days, has died at the age of 96.
    He appeared as the owner of Arnold's Drive-in, where the main characters would gather, from 1976 until 1982.
    Molinaro, who also spent five years playing Murray the cop in the TV version of The Odd Couple, retired from acting in the 1990s.
    He died in a California hospital of complications from a gallstone infection, his son Michael said.
    'Important show'

    Molinaro had taken over the role of Al two years into the series' run and starred in more than 100 episodes, according to the LA Times.

    The part had originally been played by Pat Morita, who went on to star as Mr Miyagi in Karate Kid.
    Molinaro told the LA Times: "When you live with a character as long as I have, you know how he would talk in almost any situation."
    Image copyright AP Image caption Molinaro had retired from acting in the 1990s Image copyright AP Image caption The Fonz, played by Henry Winkler (c), and Richie Cunningham, played by Ron Howard (l), would gather at the drive-in in the 1950s-set sitcom Wisconsin-born Molinaro also appeared in Happy Days spin-off series Joanie loves Chachi in the 1980s.
    After retirement, Molinaro became best known for commercials and set up a chain of diners called Big Al's. He also reprised the character of Al in the music video for Weezer's song, Buddy Holly.
    Speaking in 1992 on a Happy Days reunion show, he described the 1950s-set sitcom as an "important" show.
    "In the industry, they used to consider us like a bubble-gum show," he said.
    "But I think they overlooked one thing. To the public in America, Happy Days was an important show, and I think it was and I think it still is."

    Source: Happy Days diner owner Al Molinaro dies aged 96 - BBC News
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    RIP Big Al.
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    gosh i thought he had died a long time ago. he lived to a ripe old age. RIP sir!
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    I also liked him on The Odd Couple.
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    Does anyone else remember a sitcom he starred in for a very brief time about an unattractive family called The Ugily Family? He had to keep clarifying that it was pronounced "yoo-gee-lee"...

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    As he would say, "Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep....".

    Thanks for the laughs, rest in peace.
    Go Habs Go!!

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    Aw, he really lived a nice, long life. Loved him on Happy Days and the Odd Couple. Both great shows.
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    Bless him I thought he was already dead too. RIP Al!!!
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    I read he suggested Robin Williams to play Mork in an episode of Happy Days.

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    I saw this old clip of Al and Tony Randall fooling around on set. It made me laugh.

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    Loved Big Al.

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