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Thread: Star Trek Voyager actress, Jennifer Lien, arrested for exposure

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    Default Star Trek Voyager actress, Jennifer Lien, arrested for exposure

    Star Trek actress arrested for exposure

    1 hour ago

    © Collection/Rex Shutterstock.. Former Star Trek actress arrested for indecent exposure after she allegedly flashed her breasts in a dispute over her neighbour's crying child.

    Former 'Star Trek: Voyager' actress Jennifer Lien has been locked up in Tennessee amid allegations of indecent exposure.

    The 41 year old reportedly became embroiled in a heated dispute with her neighbour over a crying child earlier this month, and, after failing to solve the issue, she allegedly flashed her breasts and her butt to the neighbour's three kids.

    Police were called to investigate and although Lien denied exposing herself, cops obtained an arrest warrant and returned to take her into custody on 3 September.

    However, the retired actress didn't go down without a fight and after refusing to put some appropriate clothes on, she was carried to a waiting police car while threatening to shoot and kill the arresting officers, according to

    Lien has been behind bars ever since on a $US2,500 ($A3,497) bond.

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    When deciding how to resolve a conflict involving neighbors and children, "flash titties" shouldn't be your go-to option.

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    sucking on a blow pop and playing with electrodes


    It sounds really funny. Bad idea, but funny.
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    Come on, let's have lots of drinks.

    Fuck you all, I'm going viral.

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    Did everyone see the booking photo? I appeared that she was completely topless in it. I would have assumed that the police would have at least given her a sheet or something before they took the pic.
    Also having never really watched this particular Star Trek series, what happened?

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    This pic is from TMZ..'Star Trek: Voyager' Actress -- Arrested for Exposing Breasts, Butt to Young Kids |


    And there is a more in depth article on CNN, unfortunately i'm not able to post it, but here is the link to it ..

    Jennifer Lien charged with indecent exposure -

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    She is clearly mentally ill to anyone with extensive knowledge on the subject. I feel sorry for her. Mania and psychosis are a helluva drug, to loosely paraphrase Rick James, only this isn't an exogenous drug. Your own body does this to you. And it ruins your life. She will wake up "ok" one day and most likely want to kill herself. Other people laugh and point. They should be thankful every moment that it's not them, because even though "crazy" people may seem oblivious and sometimes unintelligible, they are often keenly aware of how different they are, how unwanted they are. They just can't express it. It is a particular hell that I don't care to dwell on much further.
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    IIRC she has had mental health problems on the Voyager set, too and was more or less fired for that. She did not work much after that, has not been in the Star Trek Convention circuit and what has been published about her is always about her issues and the fragile state of her mental health.

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