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Thread: Millie Mackintosh (ex Made In Chelsea) allegedly gives away her Instagram dogs

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    Default Millie Mackintosh (ex Made In Chelsea) allegedly gives away her Instagram dogs

    No more puppy love! Millie Mackintosh decides her dogs AREN'T for life... and gives four away because she doesn't have time to look after them

    • The former Made In Chelsea star is with British rapper Professor Green
    • They moved to an £800,000 house in Lewisham with their three dogs
    • All now seem to be gone but they have a new English bull terrier, Alfie
    • A source says that the new dog fits better with their 'busy schedules'

    PUBLISHED: 23:20, 15 August 2015 | UPDATED: 01:57, 16 August 2015

    They say a dog is for life, but no one seems to have told that to Quality Street heiress Millie Mackintosh. Since she and her rapper husband moved to an £800,000 house in Lewisham in 2013, at least three of her dogs have been rehomed.
    According to friends, the former Made In Chelsea star and Professor Green – real name Stephen Manderson – have found dog care too difficult given their work schedules.
    Alfie the Staffordshire bull terrier, doberman Matilda and French bulldog Herby all seem to have moved out. A Boston terrier named Belle, introduced to the couple’s Instagram followers in December 2013 as the ‘new addition to the family’, also appears to be absent.



    Millie Mackintosh with her dog Herbie, left, and with boyfriend Professor Green, real name Stephen Manderson. The pair moved into an £800,000 house in Lweisham in 2013 and it is believed they have had three dogs re-homed since the move


    Millie pictured with Matilda the Doberman. She used to post regular pictures of herself with her pet but it's been 31 weeks since she shared pictures of Matilda with her Instagram followers


    Boston Terrier Belle was introduced to followers in December 2013 but it is believed the couple have now had her rehomed

    The couple do, however, seem to be having yet another attempt at being pet owners, having just acquired an Old English bull terrier called Arthur.
    The first dog to go was Herby, who Millie acquired in 2012. Less than a year later, he was taken to a foster home in scenes filmed for Made In Chelsea. The heiress was later reunited with the dog, but then posted a picture of him on Instagram saying she had given him up, writing: ‘Saw my baby boy Herby today, it was so hard rehoming him but he’s much happier living without other dogs.’
    Millie used to regularly update her one million Instagram followers with photos of her pets, but it has been 31 weeks since she shared one of Matilda, who the couple acquired in April last year, and Professor Green’s Alfie hasn’t been seen for 25 weeks. A source told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Millie and Stephen decided their previous dogs were too much to handle given their very busy schedules. They have a new one, Arthur, who fits perfectly into their lives. He’s great to have in the house and is easily trainable.’

    Millie Mackintosh takes 'revenge' on a sleeping Pro Green

    Husband, Professor Green

    Read more: Millie Mackintosh gives four dogs away as she doesn't have time to look after them | Daily Mail Online
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    They have very busy schedules and think that an EBT is easily trainable & fits perfectly into their lives?????

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Fucking arseholes.

    My dad used to breed these dogs & they need a strong hands and a lot of input.

    Nicknamed "the kid in a dog suit," the Bull Terrier is active and friendly, as well as being one of the clowns of the dog world. He has a larger-than-life personality that ranges from intelligent and innovative — not always the most desirable qualities in a dog — to placid and loyal. He also comes in a smaller version — the Miniature Bull Terrier — who shares the same attributes.

    Life with a Bull Terrier is always an experience. He's a "busy" dog from puppyhood well into middle age. The Bull Terrier isn't content to spend long periods alone day after day; he wants to be with his people, doing what they're doing. He does best with an active family who can provide him with plenty of energetic play. He also needs someone who will consistently (but kindly) enforce the house rules. Otherwise, he'll make up rules of his own. For that reason, he's not the best choice for timid owners or people who are new to dogs.

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    It's fine that they're rehoming the dogs, if they can't handle them, but why get a new dog. Why not keep one of their existing dogs. Seems to me, they're treating their dogs like accessories and replacing them as they grow out of the cutsey, instagrammable puppy phase. Twats.
    Also, Professor Green? No.
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