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Thread: Surprise, Surprise! Cilla Black pops off at 72 at her home in Spain.

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    Default Surprise, Surprise! Cilla Black pops off at 72 at her home in Spain.

    Cilla Black, singer and TV star, dies in Spain aged 72

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    Media caption Cilla Black performing Anyone Who Had a Heart in 1969
    Singer and TV star Cilla Black, who enjoyed a 50-year showbusiness career, has died aged 72, her agent has said.
    The 1960s singing star became a popular TV celebrity on such shows as Blind Date and Surprise Surprise.
    Police in Malaga said a woman named Priscilla White - Black's real name - had died in Estepona in the Costa del Sol region.
    The death appeared to be due to natural causes, but this had not yet been confirmed by tests, police said.

    Black, pictured with son Robert last year, had a home on the Costa de Sol "It is with deep sorrow that I confirm... the passing of singer and TV personality Cilla Black," said her agent, Nick Fiveash.
    "Details of her death will be announced following the coroner's report. Her family have asked for their privacy to be respected at this time."
    Prime Minister David Cameron has led tributes to the beloved entertainer, remembering her as "a huge talent who made a significant contribution to public life".
    "I am so sad and shocked by news about my good friend Cilla," tweeted Dame Joan Collins. "She was a resplendent and rare talent."
    "Such a shock to hear about Cilla's passing," said Sir Paul McCartney. "She was a lovely girl who infected everyone with her great spirit.
    "From first meeting her as a cloak room girl at the Cavern in Liverpool, to seeing her many times since, she always had a fun-loving dignity that made her a great pleasure to be around."
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    Media caption Bruce Forsyth: "She was just a kid... 72 is no age to leave us all"
    Sir Bruce Forsyth said Black would be "sadly missed", while presenter Christopher Biggins described her as a "national treasure".
    Broadcaster Noel Edmonds told BBC Radio 5 Live she "captured the hearts of the British people" because "she was our Cilla - there were no airs and graces."
    Other tributes have come from comedian Jimmy Tarbuck, who said she had "warmth in bundles", and Ringo Starr, who remembered her as "a good friend".
    Des O'Connor called her "a very special lady", while broadcaster Gloria Hunniford - who saw Black two weeks ago at a friend's barbeque - called her "a true icon".

    Cilla Black with the OBE she received in 1997 Lizo Mzimba, BBC entertainment correspondent
    The phrase "national treasure" is often overused. But Cilla Black was one of the small group of entertainers who genuinely deserved it.
    Long before she became a presenter she had an extraordinarily successful music career, with a string of top 10 hits.
    She then did what few have managed and became equally successful in another arena, as a TV star.
    Her easy going, natural manner endeared her to people, whom she famously addressed as "chuck".
    And that unaffected charm was the reason millions of viewers welcomed her into their homes in shows like Surprise Surprise and Blind Date.
    But it wasn't just audiences who loved her.
    She also had the admiration and respect of fellow entertainers, some of whom had known her in Liverpool when she was still the teenaged Priscilla White.
    Despite her success over the decades, she remained in many ways the same person to them - hard-working and passionate about performing.
    That's what made her such a remarkable star.
    Born Priscilla White in Liverpool, Black changed her name to launch a singing career with hits such as Anyone Who Had a Heart and You're My World.
    She made her TV debut in 1968 with her own BBC One primetime series and went on to host a number of shows for ITV.

    Black, pictured in 1963, was born Priscilla Maria Veronica White Her music career began while working as a hat check girl at Liverpool's famous Cavern Club.
    It was there she met her husband-to-be Bobby Willis and performed alongside such acts as The Beatles and Gerry and the Pacemakers.
    She was soon brought to the attention of manager Brian Epstein and released her first single, Love of the Loved, in September 1963.
    The following year she released the ballads You're My World and Anyone Who Had a Heart, both of which went to number one.
    Cilla's hits in music and on television

    UK Top 10 Singles UK TV Shows
    Anyone Who Had a Heart (1964) Cilla (1968-1976)
    You're My World (1964) Cilla's Comedy Six (1975)
    It's For You (1964) Cilla's World Of Comedy (1976)
    You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (1965) Surprise Surprise (1984-2001)
    Love's Just a Broken Heart (1966) Blind Date (1985-2003)
    Alfie (1966) Soapstar Superstar (as a judge) (2006)
    Don't Answer Me (1966) Loose Women (occasional panellist)(2008-2014)
    Step Inside Love (1968)
    Surround Yourself with Sorrow (1969)
    Conversations (1969)
    Something Tells Me (Something is Gonna Happen Tonight), (1971)

    Obituary: Cilla Black
    In pictures: Cilla Black
    She and Willis wed in 1969 and remained married until his death in 1999 at the age of 57.
    The couple had three sons, one of whom, Robert, succeeded his father as her manager.
    Last year Black received honours from Bafta and the Royal Television Society in recognition of her lengthy career.
    A recent ITV drama series about her early years saw her played by the actress Sheridan Smith.
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    Media caption Barbara Windsor on Cilla Black's death: "I am so desperately sad"
    Holly Willoughby, who took over Black's role as Surprise Surprise host, called her "one incredible lady", while the actor Russell Crowe expressed "thanks for everything".
    Gordon Burns, with whom Black worked on Surprise Surprise, told the BBC she was a "larger-than-life figure" and "a lorra lorra laughs" - a reference to one of her famous catchphrases.
    Lord Grade, former executive chairman of ITV, said Black was a "natural performer of the highest quality" and "one of the all-time greats in showbiz".
    The Cavern Club in Liverpool paid its own tribute with a sign announcing the death of its "famous cloak room girl".

    Sign outside the Cavern Club in Liverpool Speaking to the BBC last year, Black described herself as "a lady of leisure" who was "living disgracefully" in semi-retirement.
    "I'm going to enjoy myself," she told entertainment reporter Natalie Jamieson. "If it be in television then so be it, but I've had my time."

    Cilla Black, singer and TV star, dies in Spain aged 72 - BBC News

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    Oh no. I remember her singing career, bought her records (45s, if you can stand it) & later during my many trips to the UK saw her all the time on the telly - always warm & engaging. Sads.

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    I've always been put off by her since people almost universally said she was horrible in person.

    Still, Blind Date was a classic.

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    72 isn't old these days. Apparently she never really got over the death of her beloved husband Bobby a few years ago. I too heard she wasn't a very nice person away from the camera - so many celebs aren't. RIP anyway.
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    I just startled my other half by bursting out loud laughing at the thread title.

    I'm sure there's lots of fans out there who are heartbroken by this news but, yeah, she was known as a bitch behind the scenes and her whole "Scouse girl made good" act was faker than Kim Kardashian's arse. Many people who had the misfortune of having to deal with her said that her TV accent disappeared completely in private, which doesn't surprise me as it was like no Liverpool accent I've ever heard.
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    I had never heard of her til reading this thread. But I googled "is Cilla Black a bitch" and got 126,000 affirmative answers, mostly from airline staff and former fans. And from someone called Ricky Tomlinson who "doesn't like the bloody woman".
    'I had to get rid of the kid. The cat was allergic.'

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    My mother used to sing Don't Answer Me a lot when I was little. RIP.
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