Erica Packer, James Packer's ex, is dating Seal

Erica Packer, James Packer's ex, is dating Seal

Australian Women's Weekly
1 day ago

© Australian Women's Weekly Erica Packer is now dating singer, Seal

Erica Packer and Seal have been pictured together on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean with sources confirming they have been dating for months.

I see your Mariah and raise it with a Seal.

That seems to be the message coming out of the Mediterranean from Erica Packer overnight with confirmation the estranged wife of billionaire James Packer is dating pop superstar, Seal. The pair have been photographed holidaying together on a luxury yacht – and sources confirm they have been dating for months.

This latest twist in the Packer dating saga comes only weeks after James went public with his relationship with 90s pop diva, Mariah Carey. Which follows hot on the heels of last year’s news James was dating home-grown model Miranda Kerr. Who, like James’ ex-wife Erica, hails from the small NSW town of Gunnedah. And who was previously married to British film star Orlando Bloom. Who was briefly romantically linked to Erica last year.

Are you following? No, neither are we.

Erica and Seal have been photographed together on a luxury yacht on the Med, with Erica’s kids in tow. That Erica has chosen to respond to her husband’s romance with Mariah Carey by nabbing a 90s pop star of her very own is apparently pure coincidence.

Sources report the Erica/Seal romance has been going on for “about three months”.

Oh – and it’s all topped off by the news that Karl Stefanovic (Australian TV 'personality') and his wife Cassie are on-board Erica and Seal’s Mediterranean Love Boat. You honestly could not make this stuff up.

All of which leaves the world with the most pressing question of all. What to call this new power-coupling? If James Packer and Mariah together are Pariah, does this mean that Seal and Erica are Sealica? Reminiscent as it is of the Toyota Celica, which looked pretty flash in the 90s, but is starting to age a little now?