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Thread: LeBron James' tallywacker spoilt my Tinder date

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    Default LeBron James' tallywacker spoilt my Tinder date

    LeBron's Exposed Penis

    Triggered FCC Complaints

    'It Ruined My Tinder Date'

    7/26/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


    Remember when LeBron James accidentally flashed his dong on live TV during the NBA Finals? Well, it ruined one viewer's Laser Tag date ... this according to the FCC.
    TMZ Sports obtained the complaints that were sent to the Federal Communications Commission back in June after cameras got too close to LeBron's crotch while he was adjusting himself during Game 4.

    In total, 5 people bitched about the impromptu peep show to the FCC -- which released the documents to TMZ Sports, though the names of the complainers were redacted. Here are the highlights:
    -- "LeBron James showed his d*ck on national television and completely ruined my tinder date. It made us late for laser tag because I had to rewind it a few times to make sure thats exactly what we saw so we missed our bus. He clearly did it on purpose and hes not as good as Michael Jordan."

    -- "I am shocked and appalled! I don't want my kids looking at male genitalia on broadcast television. I am ok with seeing female mammary glands, labia, vagina, etc, over broadcast but no more penis, please!"

    -- "The camera had a close up of [LeBron's] tallywacker. This is the type of stuff I would expect from Game of Thrones, but not from the American Broadcasting Channel. At least I now know that I am bigger than the purportedly 'biggest' star in the NBA."

    When asked if the FCC ever launched an investigation into the penis, the org. told us they couldn't comment on the matter.

    I'm guessing that some of these complaints are tougue-in-cheek?
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    i wouldn't mind having a peek (or longer look/touch/feel/play with at LeBron's dong.. haha.

    Society is so uptight... it can get so nuts.. (no pun intended

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    He's not wearing an athletic cup?

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    His timber destroyed my tinder.

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    I watched that clip like 15 times. I couldn't even see anything!!! Dammit. I wanted to see some dick.
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