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Thread: Daniel Radcliffe tipped to star in Grand Theft Auto

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    Default Daniel Radcliffe tipped to star in Grand Theft Auto

    Daniel Radcliffe tipped to star in Grand Theft Auto

    Daniel Radcliffe tipped to star in Grand Theft Auto

    Bang Showbiz
    BANG Movies 1 day ago

    İ Provided by NewsCred

    Daniel Radcliffe is in talks to star in a new drama about the creator of the 'Grand Theft Auto' video game.

    The 25-year-old actor, who is best known for his starring role in the 'Harry Potter' movies, is in talks to play Sam Houser, the British-born co-founder of software developer Rockstar Games who became embroiled in a row with lawyer Jack Thompson in the early years of this century, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    Thompson - a born-again Christian activist - was determined to see the video game curb its violence, because he thought killings in such games encouraged young players to carry out attacks in real life.

    The film, which is presently titled 'Grand Theft Auto', is to be helmed by up-and-coming British director Owen Harris, with BBC Films broadly responsible for putting the project together.

    The screenplay has already been produced by James Wood and is based on the book 'Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto', which was published in 2012.

    The identity of the actor set to play Thompson has still to be confirmed, but Harris reportedly intends to start shooting the film as early as this month.

    RockStar Games Boss, Sam Houser (on left) Jack Thompson, Activist (on right).

    *Unfortunately i couldn't find any information on who the photographers were, who took these two photos .. if this is causes any kind of copyright issue, please delete this thread.
    i don't want to get anyone in trouble.

    But the Sam Houser pic was from Sam Houser: GTA V will be a radical reinvention

    And the Jack Thompson pic was from GameSpy: Who the Hell Is Jack Thompson? - Page 1

    **It sounds like it's going to be a very interesting film.

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    Is it wrong that I laughed at the dichotomy of "Grand Theft Auto" and its creator wanting to curb the violence? Maybe title the drama "Grand Help Curbside" if that is the true intent.

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