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Thread: Octavia Spencer Laughs Off Reports That She Was a "Nasty Bitch" at Book Signing

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    Default Octavia Spencer Laughs Off Reports That She Was a "Nasty Bitch" at Book Signing

    Octavia Spencer took to Twitter on Monday, April 6 to respond to reports that she was rude during a recent L.A. book signingCredit:

    Octavia Spencer needs no help laughing off the haters. The Insurgent actress took to Twitter to slam reports that she recently was rude during an L.A. book signing event.
    "Gotta laugh when ppl would actually believe that you were rude to a child," the Oscar winner, 44, tweeted on Monday, April. 6 "…at YOUR CHILDREN'S BOOK SIGNING." (Spencer is promoting her latest book, Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective — The Sweetest Heist in History.)

    The Help star's comment comes just one day after Daily Mail published a scathing story about an encounter fans reportedly had with Spencer during a Barnes & Noble book signing at The Grove on April 2. Several witnesses claimed Spencer's behavior was so awful that people began dragging their kids out of the line and demanded refunds.

    The laundry list of complaints also included Spencer allegedly getting agitated about her aching feet, and not making any attempts to interact with her supporters.
    "Octavia was mean, rude and horrible to everyone," onlooker Angel Guzman told the British site. "Initially, there was a Q & A but Octavia acted like she was forced to be there and she took her anger out on all of us, including the kids. Octavia's answers were short and blunt and there were times she rolled her eyes to the back of her head like she couldn't believe someone could ask such a stupid question. It quickly became a very uncomfortable situation for all of us."

    Guzman claims that the Red Band Society alum was also mad about the space she was given, and the small glass of water an event coordinator offered her. According to Guzman, Spencer refused to sign a photo of herself that a fan brought along, and an assistant would write down a fan's name on a sticky pad to hand to Spencer, who would then slide the book to the end of the table for the reader to pick up.
    "The crowd started to leave in droves and went directly to the counter to get refunds for the books," Guzman said. "'This woman is an ungrateful, nasty bitch,'" he recalled one woman saying. "'I'm getting a refund on this stupid book. If she talked to me or my child like that it would get really ugly in here so it's best we get our money back and go home before something jumps off.'"

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    It takes a special kind of person to be able to tolerate the general public .. and i'm guessing Octavia doesn't really fall into that category.

    No one's perfect and she might have been having a crap day .. ohh look.. who knows?

    But yes, it is not really a good idea to piss off your customers.

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    Randy Rhodes - really? If this is her 'latest' book, she should know the drill by now.
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    I liked her in The Help.
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