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Thread: Susan Sarandon dumps boy toy

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    Default Susan Sarandon dumps boy toy

    Jonathan Bricklin on His Split From Susan Sarandon: 'She's Someone I Love More Than Anyone'

    Breaking up with the Susan Sarandon cannot be an easy thing to do. How is one to move on when there is simply no one better? It's this issue which Jonathan Bricklin is currently grappling with, after breaking up with Sarandon earlier this month.

    "We’re taking some time apart to really refresh," Bricklin told Page Six about their split. "But she’s someone I love more than anyone I've ever been with and that won't change. We're going to figure out how life proceeds from here."

    Bricklin, 37, and Sarandon, 68, broke up after they spent six months filming their daily lives for the AOL show Connected. It was reported that the strain of the reality show was what split them up and Sarandon allegedly told Bricklin, "You're a cast member, I'm not," which has to be in the top five all-time break up phrases.

    But Bricklin says it was more than just the show.

    "We had a six-year relationship that’s gone through ups and downs. The show did not break us up categorically," he said. "We weren’t broken up [during filming] because we were still seeing each other. Since the piece has come out, we are no longer seeing each other."

    Regardless of whether or not they're still dating, Sarandon and Bricklin are going to be in each other's lives. The former couple owns SPiN, their ping pong club, together. However, Bricklin does admit that filming the show did bring some issues to the forefront.

    "This show brought out a lot of stuff in me. This process was like psychotherapy with video," he said. "It added challenges to a relationship. And because she’s so public, there were lots of challenges having a relationship with her to begin with."

    In the meantime, Sarandon is busy working in the wake of the breakup. She tweeted last week from the set of her new movie, The Meddler, which she'll star in opposite Rose Byrne. She's also keeping busy with a delightful Twitter account for her dog, Penny Lane, and she's a new grandmother.
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    It sounds like he really loved her.

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    They were together 6 years, really? It seems like she and Tim Robbins just split up yesterday.
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    He gave me the creeps.

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    So many men,so little time...
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