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Thread: Drea de Matteo Loses Her Apartment of 22 Years in New York City Building Explosion

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    Default Drea de Matteo Loses Her Apartment of 22 Years in New York City Building Explosion

    Drea de Matteo Loses Her Apartment of 22 Years in New York City Building Explosion

    By Amanda Michelle Steiner
    @amandamichl 03/27/2015 AT 09:45 AM EDT

    Multiple injuries were reported following an explosion that caused apartment buildings to collapse in New York City's East Village on Thursday.

    The homes of many were lost, including that of Shades of Blue star Drea de Matteo.

    Matteo, 43, shared her loss on Instagram. "A hole where my N.Y.C. home of 22 years once stood," she wrote. "RIP 123 2nd Avenue."

    The former Rescue Me actress also posted a photo of the blaze as "N.Y.C.'s finest [tried] to put out the flames to mine and many others' apartments," she captioned, adding that she was "speechless," sending prayers to "those that are hurt."

    (Photos at link)

    Nineteen were injured in what was apparently a gas explosion, CBS New York reports. Five of the injured were members of the New York Fire Department.

    "Our thoughts and prayers are with every one of them and their families. Of course, we are praying that no other individuals are injured and there are no fatalities," said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

    The explosion and ensuing fire caused 119 and 121 Second Avenue to be completely destroyed, says CBS N.Y. The structure at 125 Second Avenue is still standing but has sustained major fire damage.

    Drea de Matteo Loses Her Home in N.Y.C. Building Explosion :
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    fuck. i was just talking about that with a friend yesterday. imagine leaving your house in the morning to go to work, only to come have it be completely destroyed by something like this.

    i worry sometimes because new york city, rich as it is, has some pretty old and shitty infrastructure. it's like they never thought to invest any money in it and it's kind of baffling that a city with this many people and with such a strong economy and just so much money, neglects things like its subway, roads, electrical stations... and every time something like superstorm sandy or a gas explosion happens it reminds people of the situation but then it just goes back to business as usual and no one addresses the situation.
    i don't know if it's an american thing and public infrastructure just isn't a priority and isn't given money in the same way that these things are funded in europe, or what but it's one of the things that struck me most after i moved to new york. you don't really notice it (or look for it) when you're here as a tourist but when you live here and you see the city day to day, it definitely stands out, at least compared to all the other places i've lived.
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    Oh no. I love her in SOA, this is such a so sad for her and everyone who lost their home/was hurt in the blast.
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