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Thread: 'The Osbournes' Mysterious Daughter Returns With an Amazing Voice & Creepy Music Vid

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    Default 'The Osbournes' Mysterious Daughter Returns With an Amazing Voice & Creepy Music Vid

    Well it turns out one of the Osbourbe kids might actually have some talent.

    'The Osbournes' Mysterious Daughter Returns With an Amazing Voice and Creepy Music Video

    Remember The Osbournes' secret daughter? The one we knew existed, but never showed up on the family's reality show? Well, Aimee Osbourne is back in the spotlight and she actually has an incredible singing voice.

    Recording under the name ARO (pronounced "Arrow"), Osbourne has released the video for her brand new single "Raining Gold." It's creepy and mildly horrifying, but ARO's haunting vocals are on-point. Watch the full clip (or, if you're squeamish, close your eyes and just listen) in the player below.

    As a teen, Aimee shunned the cameras as the rest of her family members, including dad Ozzy Osbourne, starred in the MTV reality series The Osbournes. Now 31 years old, the singer says she initially pushed back against her desire to pursue music as a career.

    "I fought it for a long time," she said in a press release. "It's natural to want to rebel against what your parents do. Once I accepted music was my path, I rebelled by wanting to do it my own way. I also didn't think it was respectful to my father's career and creativity to assume that I could jump on the back of all he had worked his entire life for."

    Meanwhile, little sister Kelly had her own brief foray into the music biz with a punk cover of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" in 2002. She went on to release two pop-rock albums in 2002 and 2005.
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    I accidentally stumbled upon her Instagram a while back. She's very pretty, though has possibly been visiting Sharon's surgeon. I recall her maybe having some clips of her music on there at the time. If I can remember the name of her Instagram or find it in my history, I'll link it here.

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    "I also didn't think it was respectful to my father's career and creativity to assume that I could jump on the back of all he had worked his entire life for."

    This video had Ozzy written all over it, the voice is nice, but the song was too repetitive for me.

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    Boring song, and shitty car to drive off in.

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    "Amazing" is not what I'd call that voice.
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    I like the voice and the concept of the video. A siren luring sailors to crash on the rocks. The song itself isn't very interesting though.
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    Considering what her bufug little sister delivered I'm pleasantly surprised.
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    Was that Dewy from Justified??
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    I like her voice and it started out interesting but then the song doesn't go anywhere. Forgettable song.
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    I liked what she was wearing. I like the haunting style of her voice but am not into raining gold. But it might make a good lullaby.
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    I like the song and her voice, but then I always like the band The Gathering and the music they made after 1997 is really similar, though Anneke van Giersbergen has an even better and much more powerful voice.

    I actually find it surprising that someone with a good singing voice can be related to Ozzy, and she might be the only Osbourne that I like.
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    I like Ozzy's voice. I think she has a pretty voice, but that song was boring as hell.
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    She does have a really pretty and haunting voice, but this song really wasn't that great. She needs better songwriting. The video itself was just weird and stupid ... made no sense.

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    *shrug*. Compared to her loudmouthed hag mother and vulgar troll sister, this woman seems like an actual talent, or at least thoughtful. I like that the camera didn't ogle her but simply portrayed her as part of the landscape. Plus I dig bleak desert music, so the song was all right with me too. I don't demand dance beats; I kind of enjoy a dirge lol. It was all like a weird blend of Lynch and Tarantino yet somehow not much like either. Well, it'll be interesting to see what else she does. And that's way more than I can say for anyone else in her family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dilligaf View Post
    Was that Dewy from Justified??
    Sure is Dewey Crowe!

    I like it. At least she is actually singing.
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