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Thread: Idina Menzel Defends Her New Year's Eve Performance

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    Default Idina Menzel Defends Her New Year's Eve Performance

    Idina Menzel Defends New Year's Eve Performance | Billboard

    Idina Menzel Defends Her New Year's Eve Performance: 'I Am More Than the Notes I Hit'
    By Erin Strecker | January 02, 2015 1:16 PM EST

    Musical guest Idina Menzel performs "River" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon December 15, 2014
    Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

    Idina Menzel is discovering the convenient upside to the fact that the title of her biggest song also works as a mantra.

    Because no one is ever happy ever, some people complained on social media following Menzel's New Year's Eve televised performance of "Let It Go" on ABC's New Year's Rockin' Eve, a song that, as we all know at this point, has a few range-testing notes that are exceptionally difficult to 100-percent nail live. Watch below.

    In response to the remarks, Menzel shared on Twitter a copy of part of an interview she recently gave to Southwest magazine:

    Idina Menzel @idinamenzel Follow
    This is something I said in an interview a few months ago.
    8:07 PM - 1 Jan 2015

    The Tony winner (and Billboard's 2014 Breakthrough of the Year honoree) said, "There are about 
3 million notes in a two-and-a-half-hour musical; being a perfectionist, it took me a long time 
to realize that if I'm hitting 75 percent of them, 
I'm succeeding. Performing isn't only about
 the acrobatics and the high notes: It's staying in the moment, connecting with the audience 
in an authentic way, and making yourself 
real to them through the music. I am more than the notes I hit, and that's how I try to approach my life. You can't get it all right all the time, but 
you can try your best. If you've done that, all 
that's left is to accept your shortcomings and have 
the courage to try to overcome them."

    According to Billboard writer Michele Amabile Angermiller, who covered the event, Menzel did hit all the right notes when she rehearsed at soundcheck prior to the performance. And when the audience sang back the line "the cold never bothered me anyway" to the singer during the live broadcast, it was an exhuberant moment.

    Menzel also appeared emotional when she left the stage, which was situated in front of a giant marquee of Menzel advertising her Broadway show, If/Then.

    "She may not have hit the big note, but she hit all the emotional ones," she reports. "Young kids in the audience were all so joyful singing along with her."

    As Beyonce once said, "Any questions?"

    Idina Menzel Defends New Year's Eve Performance | Billboard

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    Didn't listen to it and I don't care much about her one way or the other, but she is undoubtedly a talented singer and everyone is entitled to a bad performance or two.

    Edit: I hate that song. I also have a kid who loves "Frozen." Sigh.
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    Are people not sick of this song by now?
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    Good for her for singing live. She has my respect for that alone. As for the high note, it was freezing outside and her voice just sounded completely done. No big deal.
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    Ha! Not only have I never seen the movie, I've been blessed to have NEVER heard the song!

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    I think Idina can sing, but I can't stand the tone of her nasally voice. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me.
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    Amen. She's definitely talented, but I can't take her

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    Can't stand the song and I don't have a young child. I think though she's very talented and all singers have off performances.
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    I don't get it. I just listened to it, and she sang the hell out of that song. I'm not a fan of the song but the notes you have to hit on it would have knocked out most other singers. I'll also give her credit doing it when it was in the mid-twenties outside. That will mess up your vocal chords.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slushie View Post
    Are people not sick of this song by now?
    Thank you. And for some reason, it was playing with all the Christmas music so I hope and pray this song doesn't become a "holiday classic".
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    What jerks. Look at her nose and cheeks - she's freezing! Sure, two notes at the end were raspy, even her talking voice was, but she sang the hell out of that song. Her throat was probably dried the hell out by the end of that bit in freezing cold weather.
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    She missed that note at the Oscars too.
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    I thought she sounded fine.
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    She is very talented but that song just plain sucks.

    I gave it an honest chance by listening to the recording, thinking maybe the Oscars was an off performance but nope. Not catchy, melody isn't memorable and it's not a good song, I don't care what a bunch of 7-year-olds think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebonnet View Post
    Thank you. And for some reason, it was playing with all the Christmas music so I hope and pray this song doesn't become a "holiday classic".

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