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Thread: Drug Bust Finds 400 Kilos of Cocaine at Paris Hilton's Family Ranch in Costa Rica

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    Default Drug Bust Finds 400 Kilos of Cocaine at Paris Hilton's Family Ranch in Costa Rica

    It's not every day the Hilton family is associated with cocaine. I'm lying, yes it is.

    Thursday, as part of a three month long investigation, Costa Rica's Judicial Investigation Police confiscated roughly 400-kilos of cocaine and $1.5 million from a mystery plane being operated on a private airstrip at the Hilton family owned Rancho Horizonte.

    Three Nicaraguans were arrested, one of which was a trusted employee of the HIlton's who is said to be responsible for the illegal use of their runway. Police are still trying to find the owner of the Cesna. Both of Paris Hilton's parents, Kathy and Rick Hilton frequently visit the 6,000 acre property but it's unclear whether they had any idea it was being used to transport cocaine. For now, they aren't suspects.

    Don't worry about Paris though, she's DJ'ing in Ibiza. Unbothered.

    Read more:

    I'm giving a side-eye to this. Let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if I found out the Hilton family knew about this.

    What Kind of Welfare, Witchcraft Hocus Pocus Hoedown is this?!

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    This should provide lots of fun for a while!

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