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Thread: Report: Nicky Hilton Is Engaged to James Rothschild

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    Default Report: Nicky Hilton Is Engaged to James Rothschild

    Nicky Hilton Engaged to James Rothschild: Hotel Heiress to Marry Heir - Us Weekly

    Nicky Hilton Is Engaged to James Rothschild: Hotel Heiress to Marry Banking Heir
    Celebrity News Aug. 12, 2014 AT 5:45PM By Esther Lee and Brody Brown

    Credit: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/WireImage

    Five stars and beyond! Nicky Hilton is engaged to her boyfriend James Rothschild, a source exclusively confirms to Us Weekly. The Hilton Hotels heiress and fashion designer, according to the pal, said yes to her banker beau last weekend in Lake Como, Italy.

    "They are both really excited and incredibly happy," the insider tells Us of the pair.

    Hilton, 30, and Rothschild (the heir to the famous European banking family) started dating in 2011 after meeting at supermodel Petra Ecclestone and James Stunt's wedding in Italy. The sentimental spot was the ideal setting for Rothschild to propose.

    "They went on a romantic anniversary trip over the weekend," the source reveals. "He took her out on a boat into the middle of Lake Como and he proposed, got down on one knee and everything. It was incredibly romantic and beautiful."

    Rothschild, it turns out, went to great lengths to make sure all the details were secured before he popped the question. The insider tells Us: "Last month, he actually flew from England (where he is based) to the States to ask her parents for her hand in marriage!"

    Now that she's said "yes," the newly-engaged couple are celebrating with an engagement-moon of sorts. "They are going on a road trip now throughout Europe and celebrating," the pal tells Us.

    The bride-to-be, younger sister to Paris Hilton, has been posting several happy Instagram snaps from their engagement excursion. So far, the pair have made their way through Milan, Lake Como, and Rome.

    Hilton's rep did not respond to requests for comment.

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    He looks 15. I give it two years tops.
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    All I know is, if they are looking to adopt...look no further!!!
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    Shoot, I need to find me a Rothschild. Preferably one who's hit puberty.
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    well, he's marrying down.
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    His family must be thrilled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    well, he's marrying down.
    It hasn't happened yet. Wagers?
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    Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild will wed in Diana's old palace today | Daily Mail Online

    Squillionaires, sex tapes and a marriage of two unlikely dynasties: She's the derriere-flashing sister of Paris Hilton. He's a Rothschild with a tragic past. Today, they'll wed in Diana's old palace

    • Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild will marry in unlikely dynastic alliance
    • Both come from scandal-soaked families with stupendous fortunes
    • The ceremony will be held in Diana's former home Kensington Palace

    By Alison Boshoff for the Daily Mail
    Published: 17:17 EST, 9 July 2015 | Updated: 19:15 EST, 9 July 2016

    Today in the exquisite surroundings of the Orangery in Kensington Palace, famous, infamous and merely monied guests will come together to celebrate the wedding of blonde socialite Nicky Hilton, youngest heiress of the great American tribe of hoteliers, and James Rothschild, scion of Europe’s greatest banking family.

    It is a somewhat unlikely dynastic alliance — a collision of two scandal-soaked families who have, until now, had little in common beyond a stupendous fortune on each side.

    The bride, who is 31, will be wearing a couture Valentino gown worth at least £50,000 and a smile which says that, for once, she has trumped her attention-seeking big sister Paris. Nicky will also be wearing her enormous eight-carat diamond engagement ring. It is estimated to be worth a cool £1 million.

    Their early courtship was complicated, as Nicky lived in Los Angeles while James was based in London

    The nuptial celebrations, with a dress code that follows the American style of black tie rather than morning suits, have been overseen by Nicky’s mother Kathy, reputedly the most pushy of matriarchs. If the engagement party she threw is any guide — it was attended by the Princess Aga Khan — the wedding party will be anything but low-key.

    We can expect at least one Ecclestone daughter, a clutch of Guinnesses — the groom’s mother is a Guinness by birth — and, awkwardly, a handful of Goldsmiths, caught up in the fall-out from the messy end of the groom’s sister Kate Rothschild’s marriage to Ben Goldsmith.

    Just don’t mention the bride’s first lurch up the aisle, which was one of those late-night-in-Vegas mistakes, and ended in an annulment. ALISON BOSHOFF goes behind the scenes...


    Fashion faux pas: Nicky in that revealing dress at a Paris show this week

    The Hilton hotel dynasty was founded by Nicky’s great-grandfather Conrad Hilton, who married the actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. Nicky’s uncle, Conrad Nicholson Hilton, was disastrously and briefly married to another actress, Elizabeth Taylor, and when drunk punched her in the stomach, causing her to miscarry. Her grandfather Barron Hilton has said he intends to leave most of his £1.5 billion fortune to charity. Nicky’s dad, Rick, is a property tycoon.

    The house of Rothschild was founded by Mayer Amschel in a Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt 250 years ago.

    Amschel began as a coin dealer and rose to become the court banker, building his fortune during the instability of the French Revolution. His five sons joined the business.

    From the second half of the 19th century, competition eroded their power, although they remained one of Britain’s wealthiest families.

    James’s father Amschel was the youngest child of Victor Rothschild. Born into prodigious wealth, he seemed set for a life of effortless ease and success, but committed suicide when James was still a teenager.

    Amschel had joined the family firm, N M Rothschild & Sons, and was being groomed to take over the family bank from his cousin Sir Evelyn de Rothschild — even though he was more interested in farming and car racing.

    His suicide in 1996 came six weeks after the death of his mother, Teresa, Lady Rothschild. At the inquest, his family said he had suffered from depressive tendencies, possibly exacerbated by the recent loss of his mother. He was found by a chambermaid, hanged in the chandeliered luxury of room 402 at the Hotel Bristol in Paris.

    Slender, pretty and relatively shy, Nicky Hilton was propelled into the celebrity sphere as the more charming, but less fascinating, adjunct to her sister Paris.

    Born in New York in 1983, she is the second of four children of Rick Hilton and his wife Kathy, and was raised between mansions in Beverly Hills and The Hamptons and a suite at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York. She attended the exclusive Dwight School, New York, from which she graduated wearing a dress made for her by family friend Vera Wang.

    In her mid-teens, she and Paris were launched on the New York social scene by their mother, who went with them to benefits and balls. She would also fly them to Europe to attend the couture fashion shows.

    The sisters were soon part of a wild crowd, with friends including actresses Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid, and Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly.

    Two years later, in 2003, a sex tape featuring Paris and former boyfriend Rick Salomon began to circulate. Unabashed, Paris, Nicky and Kathy continued to work the party circuit.

    The hoo-ha about the tape boosted Paris’s media profile ahead of her debut on U.S. reality TV show The Simple Life, which documented the antics of Paris and her friend Nicole Ritchie. Paris went on to release a book, Confessions Of An Heiress, appeared in films and TV shows and released perfumes and records. Now, despite having no discernible talent, she is a globally successful DJ.

    Nicky, meanwhile, turned down the chance to follow in her sister’s footsteps on The Simple Life. She said: ‘For anyone at that age, being told we’re going to pay you a ton of money to be famous and be on a TV show would be a no-brainer, but I had to say no. That’s not me.’

    Instead, Nicky pursued a career in fashion, designing lines and collaborating with other brands. She published a book, 365 Style, in September 2014, and launched a jewellery collection with Denovo Diamonds, a bag collection for Linea Pelle and, last month, a make-up range.

    Nicky and Paris were launched on the New York social scene by their mother. The sisters were soon part of a wild crowd, with friends including actresses Lindsay Lohan and Tara Reid, and Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly

    Famous, infamous and merely monied guests begin arriving at the pre-wedding party of Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild in London today

    Her love life to date includes a liaison with male model Marcus Shenkenberg and a long romance with David Katzenberg, the son of the Dreamworks film executive Jeffrey. She is said to be worth £12 million. Her mum describes her as: ‘an adorable little bunny rabbit.’


    Now 31, James has been a banker for some years.

    He recently put the family house in Suffolk on the market for £24 million, signalling a permanent move to New York to be with his new bride. Friends say he is fun-loving but shy of the spotlight. Before meeting Nicky he had a long relationship with socialite Astrid Harbord, who is in Prince Harry’s inner circle and a confidante of the Duchess of Cambridge.


    Nicky met James at the 2011 Rome wedding of Formula One heiress Petra Ecclestone to businessman James Stunt. Nicky said it was love at first sight and that the setting — in 15th-century Odescalchi Castle, by an Italian lake — could not have been more romantic. ‘It goes back to tradition,’ she has said. ‘That’s where you met your husband, at a wedding.’

    Their early courtship was complicated, as Nicky lived in Los Angeles while James was based in London. At first they considered living in the UK, but decided to settle in New York. They have an apartment in Manhattan and spend weekends at the Hilton home
    in The Hamptons, staying aloof from the Big Apple social scene.

    Nicky said in an interview this year: ‘We’re very similar. Very shy, very quiet. We’re homebodies. Just to cook, relax, watch movies, read books, it’s what we like to do.’

    Fashion designer Stacey Bendet, of the label Alice + Olivia (favoured by Michelle Obama and her daughters) said: ‘When I first met James at an event Nicky was doing, I remember seeing him look at her and thinking, “Now, that is a good guy who loves her.” I think they’ll be really happy.’

    Besotted: James Rothschild and Nicky Hitlon in a romantic snap posted this week by her brother

    James asked her father, Rick, for permission to marry his daughter during a lunch after a round of golf. He proposed soon afterwards, during a holiday last summer in Italy. A source said: ‘He took her out on a boat on Lake Como and got down on one knee and everything. It was incredibly romantic.’


    The ring is a massive Asscher cut diamond. Nicky said: ‘He didn’t ask anyone for help with the ring. He has very good taste.’

    It would, of course, be churlish to point out that even this rock pales into insignificance compared with the £3 million engagement ring given to Paris by her one-time fiance Paris Latsis, a shipping heir. The ring was so big that Paris complained it hurt her hand, and after they split she auctioned it off in aid of the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    Social dynamo Kathy hosted an engagement party at the family home. Among the guests were novelist Jay McInery, heiress Anne Hearst and the Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, daugher of actress Rita Hayworth and Prince Aly Khan. The billionaire businessman David Koch and Forbes magazine style writer Bettina Zilkha were also there.

    The Orangery was built in 1704 so Queen Anne’s citrus trees could be protected from frost. It is a beautiful space with soaring ceilings in the grounds of Kensington Palace, where Diana, Princess of Wales, once lived. Only 300 can be accommodated for a sit-down lunch. The room is to be filled with cream roses, at the bride’s request.

    James’s sister Kate Rothschild will be there. She was married to Ben Goldsmith, son of the late billionaire Sir James, but that marriage collapsed after nine years in 2012.

    Also present — perhaps awkwardly — will be Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith, Ben’s brother, who is married to James’s other sister Alice.

    Bridesmaid Paris, 34, will be joined by her boyfriend, Swiss businessman Thomas Gross. They have been dating since this spring and there is talk that Paris is about to announce that she, too, is to wed. Gross, said to be worth £120 million, joined her for dinner in LA last week, when he met her family.

    Who else? Ben Elliott and Tom Parker Bowles are apparently friends of the groom, and you can count on Petra Ecclestone, daughter of Formula One boss Bernie, not to miss the party.

    Today in the exquisite surroundings of the Orangery in Kensington Palace, famous, infamous and merely monied guests will come together to celebrate the wedding

    Even though she stepped out this week in a bottom-revealing dress, Nicky insists her wedding outfit will be traditional. ‘So many brides want avant garde, over-the-top fashion,’ she said. ‘I like sticking to what works.’

    Nicky has chosen a Valentino dress. She said: ‘I’ve wanted this designer to do my wedding dress since I was a girl.’ The finished article is said to be a work of art, involving yards of dreamy lace.

    She has been dieting in advance of the big reveal. She said: ‘I’m so tired of chicken! Anything that tastes remotely good is unhealthy, I’ve found.’

    In Jerry Oppenheimer’s warts-and-all book, The House Of Hilton, Kathy is portrayed as a woman feared and loathed by the family staff.

    The daughter of a chain-store magnate, she met husband Rick Hilton when they were both teenagers.
    Peggy Cusack Yakovlev, a former assistant to Rick’s uncle Eric, said: ‘Kathy was pushy, arrogant, presumptuous. The spotlight always had to be on her.’

    In Jerry Oppenheimer’s warts-and-all book, The House Of Hilton, Kathy is portrayed as a woman feared and loathed by the family staff (left). James’s mother, born Anita Guinness, married Amschel Rothschild in 1981. She was only 38 when her husband killed himself. She and her three children inherited his £18.5 million estate

    Kathy’s social ambitions are legendary. She told an interviewer: ‘I like the Kennedys. They are very down to earth. I have met the Royal Family in London, too, and I thought they were lovely.’

    James’s mother, born Anita Guinness, married Amschel Rothschild in 1981. She was only 38 when her husband killed himself. She and her three children inherited his £18.5 million estate.

    She later remarried, to bloodstock agent James Wigan. Her sister Sabrina, once linked to the Prince of Wales, is now married to playwright Sir Tom Stoppard.

    DON’T MENTION . . .
    Nicky’s first wedding, to banker Todd Meister in August 2004. The only guests were Paris and actress Bijou Phillips. Within eight weeks they had split up and the marriage was later annulled.

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    I wonder how the Rothschilds feel about this.
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    That poor Rothchild family. Also, the groom bears a resemblance to Colin Hanks.
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    I didn't know Nicky had been married before.
    I have some famous friends and I have mostly not famous friends.

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    In one of those tacky 24 hour things in Reno or Vagas (my preferred spelling).

    couldnt she get any clothes to fit? I'd be embarrassed to show my incredibly low-slung behind if I were her, but she inherited her lack of shame from her over bearing money grabbing mother.

    The Rothschilds must be so embarrassed about her family (even if they like her).

    I loved that bi that came out about her chatting up a billionaire who told her he was a teacher just to see what she would do & she legged it, looks like James is less sensible than that.

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    countdown to their divorce. i give it 3 years, tops.

    pics of nicky's dress at the dailymail:

    i'm glad she went traditional but the lace is just too much, imo.
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    Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/GC Images

    Now that's a wedding dress.
    Nicky Hilton stepped out the Claridge's hotel in London on Friday sporting a floor-sweeping, white lace wedding gown featuring a voluminous ball skirt and sheer illusion sleeves. The blushing bride also toted a white bouquet and a sported a veil that spanned the length of her dress train. The delicate floral lace gown—believed to be a Valentino design—is not quite what we predicted for the star, but still a stunning, almost Cinderella-like turn.
    The 31-year-old is marrying banking heir James Rothschild at Kensington Palace (yup, the place that Kate Middleton, Prince William and their children call home) in what is sure to be a fairytale ceremony. The dress even reminds us of the breathtaking Alexander McQueen gown that the Duchess of Cambridge wore on her wedding day in April 2011.

    Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/GC Images

    Neil Warner / Splash News
    Older sister Paris Hilton and mom Kathy Hilton were spotted leaving the hotel as well, both sporting pale sky blue dresses that help bring the fairytale to life.

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    I don't like the turtleneck but otherwise it is nice - I expected something cheap and really tacky, to be honest.
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