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Thread: Chelsea Handler Putting Together a 'Clique of Power Women'

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    Default Chelsea Handler Putting Together a 'Clique of Power Women'

    You can't sit with us! Irreverent talk show host Chelsea Handler is surrounding herself with Hollywood's most elite females. In fact, a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly that Handler is "setting up a clique of power women."

    The E! host, who is set to make the move to Netflix with her own original programming after seven years of Chelsea Lately, recently feted Sandra Bullock for her 50th birthday and the insider tells Us, "Sandra fits right in [with her clique.]"

    Handler, 39, along with seven friends including Whitney Cummings, 31, joined the Oscar winner in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where they took in a July 24 show from the Southern Soul All Stars at the famed Million Dollar Cowboy Bar to celebrate the leading lady's birthday.

    Bullock, who turned the big 5-0 on July 26, "wanted to let loose and talk dirty," an insider says of the getaway bash.
    Handler is also tight with A-listers Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. And it won't be hard for Sandy to mingle with Handler's BFF Aniston—another insider revealed to Us the two have become good friends recently after meeting at a dinner hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow. "Jen and Sandra are new BFFs," the insider says. "They're very excited about the new friendship."

    Read more: Chelsea Handler Setting Up "Clique of Power Women" - Us Weekly
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    Jen, Sandra and Gwyneth. Interesting. Sandra dated Tate Donovan, who ended up dating Jennifer Aniston. Gwyneth dated Brad Pitt and we all know what happened next. Just throw in Angie Jo and that'll be a party.

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    omg i cannot stand Whitney Cummings.
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    I really dislike Chelsea Handler

    This post has not been proofread

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    Wow, power hitters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    And it won't be hard for Sandy to mingle with Handler's BFF Aniston
    Well they do share a name.
    Be excellent to each other.

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    bwahahha I just looked at that for a full 30 seconds before I got it, you meanie!
    I feel like I could start drinking with this group of bitches and then just beat the shit out of most of those mouthy, uppity bitches. It would NOT be a good time... for them!
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    Oh please. 'Power women' are supposed to be rain makers not people with highly paid agents!

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