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Thread: Bodyguard accuses Morrissey of firing him for not murdering a fan

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    Default Bodyguard accuses Morrissey of firing him for not murdering a fan

    Between the new album, the canceled tour, ill health and the barbs traded with Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea over Canada’s seal hunting policies, and the time he publicly threw his opening act under the bus, it’s been a fairly eventful year for our favorite aging, cantankerous crooner.

    However, things took an unexpected turn when a former bodyguard Bradley Steyn filed a lawsuit against the singer, claiming that he was let go after refusing to “hurt” “DavidT,” the operator of the Morrissey fan site

    As Stereogum points out, Moz has had a long and troubled history with the site, which posts news and rumors related to the singer. In 2011, he and his band even performed a show while wearing “Fuck” shirts.

    TMZ reports that Morrissey felt that the site “invaded his personal space” and allegedly asked Steyn “if there was a way the fan ‘could get hurt.’” The suit alleges that inquiries were made into finding the site operator’s home address. As if that weren’t creepy and upsetting enough, apparently inquiries were made as to whether the fan “could be gotten rid of.”

    It turns out that meat is murder, but putting an alleged hit out on a fan is just a solution to an annoyance.

    Even the most devoted of Morrissey fans have had to reconcile the fact that the singer can be kind of a dick, and that’s putting it mildly. However, the fact that the notoriously difficult artist might assumed a have seriously contemplated putting a hit out on a fan is a bitter pill to swallow. Plus, imagining the singer adopting a morose Don Corleone persona is downright absurd. So much for the times when Moz sang“I never wanted to kill/I am not naturally evil.”

    If this turns out to be true, the singer might learn that the authorities tend to frown on attempts at murder for hire. Another singer, Tim Lambesis of the Christian metal band As I Lay Dying, recently found that out the hard way.

    UPDATE: Morrissey has posted a statement on fan site True To You, denying all of Bradley Steyn’s accusations.

    According to Moz:

    The shabby truth of this drama is that Bradley Steyn has been trying to extract money from what he terms “the Morrissey tour”, and he has failed. He is now desperate, and this story is his latest escapade to gain someone’s attention. What he is telling the world is that, as a music venue security officer, anyone who works with him in the future should expect the same harassment and persecution as he is now – mysteriously – wielding my way. It is beyond belief, and it is shocking that someone who makes claims of professionalism would lower himself to this level.
    Please note that Bradley Steyn’s statement is now in the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department, and is subject to both criminal and civil action.

    The full text can be read here.

    Source: TMZ

    Bodyguard accuses Morrissey of firing him for not murdering a fan | Death and Taxes

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