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Thread: 'Harry Potter' Actor Dave Legeno dead (Fenrir Greyback)

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    Default 'Harry Potter' Actor Dave Legeno dead (Fenrir Greyback)

    Dave Legeno Dead -- 'Harry Potter' Actor Dies While Hiking in Death Valley |



    One of the villains from the "Harry Potter" movies -- British actor Dave Legeno -- died while hiking in Death Valley ... TMZ has learned.

    Legeno's body was found by a pair of hikers on Sunday in an area so remote ... a CHP helicopter had to be called in to remove it.

    50-year-old Legeno played the werewolf Fenrir Greyback in the 'Potter' movies. He was also in "Snatch."

    The Inyo County Sheriff's Department (in CA) tells TMZ it appears Legeno died of heat related issues ... and may have been dead for 3-4 days before his body was discovered. Summer temps in Death Valley are known to go over 120 degrees.

    We're told the coroner still has Legeno's body while his family makes plans.

    He has a daughter in her 20s.

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    Death Valley is like the hottest place in the US. Parts of it get up to 134F/56C. Rough place to hike this time of year.
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    Sad!!! Far too young.
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    What kind of idiot goes hiking alone in Death Valley in the middle of summer?!
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    ^^ Yeah pretty stupid.

    Horrible way to die.

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    hiking in Death Valley in July? Maybe he had a death wish?
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    Quote Originally Posted by piperdiva View Post
    What kind of idiot goes hiking alone in Death Valley in the middle of summer?!
    Seriously!! Death Valley is hardcore. Nasty way to go...unusual, though.
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    I don't understand people that hike alone in dangerous places like Death Valley? Or hiking alone anywhere, for that matter... it's just not safe. One mis-step - and you can fall into a deep hole, twist an ankle, break a bone, lodge your arm between a rock (a la 127 hours), pass out from exhaustion, etc.

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